Fully interactive

Our screencasts enable you to interact with the language and code directly in the player.

A mind-blowing way

Not a boring forum. But live events, stand-ups, competitions, and more.

1% of the cost

Our learning path helps motivated learners become expert for 1% of the cost.

For all

No matter you are new or professional, Rimersi always has something for you.

About the platform

Rimersi is a new way to learn a language, both human languages and machine languages. Our screencasts enable you to interact with the language and code directly in the player. You can edit every thing and see what happens. This way, it's much more interesting.

Our History

How it started and how it's going


Rimersi launched with Peer to peer online classes.


Finding language partner

We added a service to help you find a language partner with a tap of button, anytime, anywhere.


Station F

Rimersi has been accepted by Station F as an innovative startup.


Interactive videos and adding programming languages.

We created our special video formats to teach you not only human languages, but also machine languages!


Service Pricing

  • Basic
  • Access to all videos
  • €16 / month
  • Downloads
  • Change codes
  • Calendar
  • Signup
  • Standard
  • A freedom to change codes
  • €22 / month
  • Downloads
  • Video views
  • Change codes
  • Calendar
  • Support platform
  • Signup
  • Premium
  • Sutiable for your employees
  • €160 / month
  • Dashboards
  • Downloads
  • Video views
  • Change codes
  • Calendar
  • Signup

1- What is Rimersi?

Rimersi is an interactive learning platform for laerners (programming and language). We combine the best teachers with our custom-made interactive video format, which makes you feel like you're pair programming with the teacher.

2- I love it and I like to create a video?

If you'd like to create a course that gets added to the official rimersi.com catalogue, you'll need to become an approved course creator. However, we're always looking for more good course creators to help us create more content. Please send an email to create@rimersi.com if you're interested in this.

3- What are the benefits with Rimersi over normal videos?

Rimersi makes the learning experience a lot better and more fun. Do not just watch a video, but get enggaed.

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Proudly incubated in Paris at Station F

Parvis, Alan Turing
Paris, France
P: (+33) 758513644

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