Sports - Walking and Running

Sports - Walking and Running

"Every morning right when I get up, I like to take a thirty minute walk."
"I like to take walks with my dog."
"Golf is a healthy sport because of all the walking it requires."
"I heard from some doctors that walking is the healthiest form of exercise."
"There's a trail by my house that is a perfect 20 minute walk."
"We usually go to a nearby lake and walk around it."

نکات مهم:
عبارت “take walk” به معنی پیاده‌روی کردن برای لذت بردن است.
واژه “trail” به معنی راه‌های جنگلی مخصوص  پیاده‌روی است.

"Every night, I go to an elementary school across from my house and jog a few laps around the playground."
"I go jogging in the morning when the air is still fresh."
"Some people find jogging stressful, but I find it as a way to relieve some of my stress."
"It feels so good after jogging for half an hour."
"I usually jog on a treadmill because it's convenient."

نکات مهم:
واژه “lap” به معنی رفتن از یک سمت استخر به سمت دیگر آن است.
فعل “relieve” به معنی کاهش یا از بین بردن یک حس بد است.

"I usually play a lot of basketball."
"I get enough exercise from soccer."
"I like to play sports because it is a good form of exercise and allows me to have fun all at the same time."
"Although bowling is a sport, I don't consider it a form of exercise."
"I play volleyball a couple hours a day."
"I practice baseball with my school team every day."
"I'm in my high school's track and field team. I'm a long distance runner."
"I don't play soccer because it requires too much running."
"Running constantly is a hard thing to do."

نکات مهم:
فعل “get” از افعالی است که با “exercise” به کار می‌رود.
ورزش دو و میدانی را در زبان انگلیسی، “track and field” گویند.

"Aerobics is an excellent form of exercise."
"I use a video at home to do my aerobic sessions."
"I like to do aerobics because it targets specific areas."
"I get my exercise from rowing. I'm on the junior varsity crew team."
"I ride my bicycle to work every day."
"I take the stairs because it gives me a little bit of a work out."
"I go to the local park and ride my rollerblades."

نکات مهم:
فعل “target” به معنی هدف گرفتن است.
عبارت “varsity crew team” به معنای تیم قایقرانی دانشگاه است.
یکی از معانی فعل دو قسمتی “work out” ورزش کردن است.