Info Rimersi
Info Rimersi ۱۳۹۷/۱۲/۹ پنج شنبه , ۰۰:۱۱:۳۷
🌛Hi and night. please take a look at these words:

🔹far from wisdom
دور از عقل
بدیمن، شوم
شاد و خندان
🔹shattered mirror
آینه تکه تکه شده
خداوند متعال
ثابت شده
🔹to demonstrate
نشان دادن
به صورت ناخودآگاه
عطسه کردن
تقلید کردن
ماورای طبیعی
🔹to whistle
سوت زدن
تحت تاثیر

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Md ۱۳۹۷/۱۲/۸ چهارشنبه , ۲۰:۲۰:۲۹
Superstitions based on irrational mental attitude.
In many years ago people have supernatural notion.
Psychology reserch shows that people who lives in nondevelopment countries are more superstitionus than people who lives in delevoped countries.
But today many of these notions have been died between people.
As i red in google people in russia belives that they should never whistle in house because they say if you get whistle in house your money will be lose by devil.
mahdi ۱۳۹۷/۱۲/۸ چهارشنبه , ۱۸:۵۷:۴۱
Humans always used to make reason for every causes. Some of causes have scientific reason but some of them aren’t proved scientifically. We demonstrate such phenomena based on superstitious. Totally I’m not superstitious but unconsciously sometime I wait after sneezing. We are impressed by superstitious people and there is no way but imitating.
Srv ۱۳۹۷/۱۲/۸ چهارشنبه , ۱۵:۲۶:۳۸
Amin Canaanite
Amin Canaanite ۱۳۹۷/۱۲/۸ چهارشنبه , ۱۵:۲۰:۰۳
Ow!how interesting?!
I wrote my personal opinion openly.
Amirmohamad Q
Amirmohamad Q ۱۳۹۷/۱۲/۸ چهارشنبه , ۱۵:۰۵:۰۱
Srv ۱۳۹۷/۱۲/۸ چهارشنبه , ۱۴:۲۴:۲۲
I'm not that much superstitious, but sometimes some of them give me good feelings, for example whenever I give somebody or something a compliment, I mostly knock on wood😆
But I agree with you about inheriting from our ancestors, I'm used to knock on wood like my family😁
Amin Canaanite
Amin Canaanite ۱۳۹۷/۱۲/۸ چهارشنبه , ۱۲:۵۱:۵۱
I think being a superstitious is something that is far from wisdom.
For example, 13 is counted as an ominous number mostly for Christians and this case we can simply say that the other nations or religions don’t believe in such a thing.
In 13th day of the new year,we go out of home,because of our imagination about this day and its bad luck.surprisingly if we have a close look at this day,we are laughter,more energetic and more is one of our best days during a year!
I reckon, facing with a black cat at the beginning of a day,knocking on a wood,looking into a shattered mirror and ... all are false perceptions which most of us have inherited from our ancestors.
By altering our mind , we can recognise that,a new day is a gift from almighty God to continue our life in its spirited way and a black cat has nothing to do with it.
Info Rimersi
Info Rimersi ۱۳۹۷/۱۲/۸ چهارشنبه , ۱۰:۴۶:۱۸
💫Vocabulary you may need:

Rimersi suggests you to use these vocabulary in your speaking:

🔸unpredictable factors
عوامل غیر قابل پیش بینی
غیر منطقی
🔸mental attitude
نگرش ذهنی
جزئی، کم اهمیت
باور، اعتقاد
رویارویی، برخورد کردن
اصل، منشا
🔸pseudo explanations
شبه توضیح

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