Info Rimersi
Info Rimersi ۱۳۹۷/۱۱/۱۵ دوشنبه , ۰۰:۱۷:۴۹
🌛Hi and night. Thanks for participating. Here are some nice words and phrases you have used today:

در بین
🔹in order to
به منظور
🔹most of the time
بیشتر وقتها
ورزش پیلاتس

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#vocabulary #14_Bahman
Srv ۱۳۹۷/۱۱/۱۴ یکشنبه , ۲۰:۲۱:۴۸
Fantasizing keeps us motivated🤗
Zinat E
Zinat E ۱۳۹۷/۱۱/۱۴ یکشنبه , ۲۰:۱۶:۵۵
Finally most of the time l like to fantasize some of my goals and i think it is useful method for getting to them and kearn new skills .
Zinat E
Zinat E ۱۳۹۷/۱۱/۱۴ یکشنبه , ۲۰:۱۲:۰۲
Sport especial pilates help me for getting positive enegy and new feeling and increase my skills.
Zinat E
Zinat E ۱۳۹۷/۱۱/۱۴ یکشنبه , ۲۰:۰۷:۰۲
In my idea movies and books are the best sources for learning new things and increase your knoledge and some times reading newspaper help you for new things .
Srv ۱۳۹۷/۱۱/۱۴ یکشنبه , ۱۹:۵۸:۰۲
Actually, it depends on the situation, sometimes I have to learn something new every week, sometimes every month.
About learning sources, I have to say that these days internet is the most important. Next, I ask people who know about what I want to learn.
Sometimes we exchange our skills among friends. But in order to master skills, exact schedules have to be set.
Info Rimersi
Info Rimersi ۱۳۹۷/۱۱/۱۴ یکشنبه , ۱۰:۰۷:۴۵
Vocabulary you may need:

Rimersi suggests you to use these vocabulary in your speaking:

🔸to take classes
کلاس برداشتن
منابع یادگیری
🔸 to tackle
مقابله با
🔸mastering a skill
تسلط بر یک مهارت
🔸multiple approaches
رویکردهای چندگانه
تبادل مهارت
🔸to seek out
جستجو کردن
🔸to fantasize
خیال‌بافی کردن
🔸unknown territory
قلمروی ناشناخته
🔸 to replicate
تکرار شدن
🔸to set a schedule
تنظیم برنامه
🔸 learning milestones
نقطه عطف‌های یادگیری