Info Rimersi
Info Rimersi ۱۳۹۷/۱۱/۳ چهارشنبه , ۰۰:۰۱:۲۳
🌛Hi and night. Thanks for participating. Here are some nice words and phrases you have used today:

🔹the same
🔹At first
در درجه اول
🔹instead of
به جای
🔹One upon a time
روزی، روزگاری
بیان کردن
شوخی کردن
🔹from then onward
از اون زمان به بعد
🔹pick up
کیف پول زنانه
قفل شده
🔹after a while
بعد از مدتی
قابل توجه، قابل تحسین

💌 Special thanks to:
@azdh_samin @m_shahabian Davood

#vocabulary #2_Bahman
Srv ۱۳۹۷/۱۱/۲ سه شنبه , ۱۸:۲۹:۳۶
azi. kh
azi. kh ۱۳۹۷/۱۱/۲ سه شنبه , ۱۸:۲۷:۳۷
I haven't found a wallet or purse yet.
but last year I found a cell phone on the floor. I tried to find some information by opening the cell phone but unfortunately it was locked. after a while some one who was the owner called. although I was on a trip and I didn't know where exactly I am , I gave the address. we met each other and I returned it back.
Srv ۱۳۹۷/۱۱/۲ سه شنبه , ۱۳:۲۴:۰۲
I haven't found smart phone/money, but once I lost my cellphone in a taxi, it was off for more than a day, I used to think the guy who were sitting next to me had stolen it from my pocket😱
But fortunatelly a day after, the driver called my mom's cellphone, we gave him some money as a reward and received it😎
alireza Barati
alireza Barati ۱۳۹۷/۱۱/۲ سه شنبه , ۱۳:۰۳:۴۱
Davood ۱۳۹۷/۱۱/۲ سه شنبه , ۱۲:۵۵:۵۸
I found wallet many years ago .at first i picked and put it on my packet when arrived to home i opened.
Wallet was empty and i were upset.
Now if i found wallet on the way and in that was a money at first i take my reward by my oponion and after i will look about his owner
I agree with mr shahabian😏😏😏
Info Rimersi
Info Rimersi ۱۳۹۷/۱۱/۲ سه شنبه , ۱۲:۵۵:۱۶
Hi dear Alireza
Thank you for your everyday opinions in group.
But stickers are not allowed in the group.
Mr Shahabian Alashti
Mr Shahabian Alashti ۱۳۹۷/۱۱/۲ سه شنبه , ۱۲:۲۱:۳۵
فرید ۱۳۹۷/۱۱/۲ سه شنبه , ۱۲:۱۲:۰۲
One upon a time, I found a wallet with a plan where to find the treasure!💰💰
I followed the instructions and derived 1000KM 🚗 in search of the treasure!

What I found was just a paper 📃 stating that : Kidding, please return my wallet!

From then onward, I decided to return the founded wallets, immediately!💁‍♂️
Firooze ۱۳۹۷/۱۱/۲ سه شنبه , ۱۱:۳۹:۴۱
If I find a wallet or smartphone on the floor, at first I will try to find it's owner by looking at inside of the wallet or waiting till sb calls the phone. If I couldn't I will give it to the nearest supermarket.
If that was just an ID card, we can drop it in a post box too.
Info Rimersi
Info Rimersi ۱۳۹۷/۱۱/۲ سه شنبه , ۱۰:۱۳:۲۸
Vocabulary you may need:

Rimersi suggests you to use these vocabulary in your speaking:

🔸on the floor
روی زمین
🔸ID card
کارت شناسایی
🔸to drop
🔸on the way
در راه
🔸to react
واکنش نشان دادن
🔸to disappear
ناپدید شدن
مژدگانی، پاداش
پول نقد
بی قیمت (خیلی ارزشمند)
🔸to return