معنی فارسی کلمه giving


کاربرد giving در جمله

1. whoops I'm giving away my age but anyway

2. and cream tiles giving it the appearance

3. with this cake I'm just giving you guys

4. Thanks for not giving up on me .

5. The thick black hair , escaping as it could below and between the cross bandages , projected in curious tails and horns , giving him the strangest appearance conceivable .

6. giving a lecture to your interviewer in

7. I think it's kind of giving them a lot of ,

8. so what I was talking about you know in addition to just giving

9. the companies giving the second gen the

10. You’re not giving GM food a chance .

11. giving it to you you could still use

12. ’ ‘He doats on it , your worship , ’ replied Bumble; giving Oliver a sly pinch , to intimate that he had better not say he didn’t .

13. sort of testing these cars and giving me

14. You know I got you-- I was just giving you a hard time .

15. diesel giving the penalty attack

16. care of but it's ok i'm just kidding if you keep giving me

17. during the labor so that's when my wife was actually giving

18. giving back to those patients ,

19. Are they positively correlated , giving money makes you happy ?

20. not a dialogue . Okay ? The examiner isn't asking you questions and you're giving responses ,

21. And it's because I'm giving you critical data about me .

22. tarted-up it's giving you more of that

23. So , then number four , this is a polite way of maybe giving a criticism or suggesting

24. English fluency guide and I'm really excited to be giving you

25. so there's not giving up on it and why

26. We’ll be talking about that , giving you six related pieces of vocabulary and , of course , our regular quiz question .

27. at native speed so right now I'm still giving

28. giving visitors a unique salmon-eye view of this incredible environment .

29. ’ The surgeon had been sitting with his face turned towards the fire: giving the palms of his hands a warm and a rub alternately .

30. So , it's when we're not giving a specific number .

31. I really do believe the two things that fulfill the most , *because I think it's an individual thing* , I think is growth and giving .

32. our lives . \ And yes , giving everyone the freedom to pursue

33. their families and giving them the

34. giving directions if you did that is

35. when I add just I am giving more emotion

36. me out by giving a thumbs up and sharing the video , subscribe to How To Cook That

37. shaking hands , giving somebody a high-five

38. keep giving him cookies gastly Robert I

39. this guy giving you trouble sis says any

40. you swimming swimming he's giving it all

41. enjoy giving it if you would like more

42. role they play in giving back to

43. letters together giving speeches

44. giving it through the throttle which

45. and not in modern English for giving commands

46. that maybe , you run out of time , but your'e also giving a very positive aspect to it that ,

47. I’ll continue by giving examples of real quality control , and why this matters for

48. in English more effectively . Okay ? Now , of course giving a presentation is never easy ,

49. Think of questions you would ask someone giving the same speech . As long as you know the information ,

50. so she's saying good morning giving the

51. you will use only if you're giving your

52. horrified right now but giving the

53. are giving it up on the jacks and it

54. She's giving us a little bit

55. like the professor is giving a speech in

56. responsible for giving a clear speech

57. One way to expand your answers is by giving examples . So I asked this question earlier .

58. so before just giving us a time

59. they bought a PC instead so I am giving

60. giving that goal I think this of last

61. follow whenever you're giving an answer

62. one student giving the heart of the

63. by Tiago he's giving it to gareth bale

64. about . " Okay ? So it's good to divide up what you're going to say by giving a number for

65. Section 4 is just one speaker . It might be a professor , and they are talking -- giving

66. that's that's ok she enjoyed giving gifts yes yes because usually I give some gifts only to people

67. as your car isn't working . So that's giving a lift . So: "If I had known that your car

68. for what what am I going to give my mother because you know giving giving

69. ask a stranger for giving me the right

70. people get more pleasure giving or receiving gifts oh this is a tricky one

71. directions giving how to give directions

72. then I give the gifts and after that I always do thank you do you enjoy giving

73. here we are also giving a judgement