معنی فارسی کلمه getting


کاربرد getting در جمله

1. There's no getting around it .

2. Get down ! He's getting up !

3. These days , Tahoe’s 72-mile ring road makes getting around the lake far less perilous .

4. are we getting close all right you watch

5. the chances of us getting out of here

6. look the kids are finally getting along

7. everyone's getting the sleep that they

8. day what are you getting at Syd it may

9. It's getting correct .

10. organized now and start getting used to

11. You've had the experience of getting better and better

12. feel that they may not be getting the right skills .

13. I think you were getting bored with everything working easily .

14. But Toyota was also getting good at producing cars quickly .

15. getting the windows concept to be faster

16. getting too easy on the little girl

17. getting smaller because there's air

18. of getting on to it we were there on a

19. we are getting too distracted when we

20. getting fat

21. enterprise is also getting on board with

22. dissolves give it a good mix getting rid

23. even without in Firdos getting a machine

24. you're getting out is and Mercedes but I

25. getting information from the vehicle

26. still getting the meaning across .

27. getting married .

28. so getting fluent in a language is

29. fluent now is the same way you should have been getting fluid

30. I swear getting into Harvard is still the thing my parents are most proud of me for .

31. For winning , you're getting a 55" TCR Roku TV ,

32. - You wanna tell Ellen anything ? - I'm getting a new heart .

33. getting the perfect the shells which is

34. it looks pretty good we'll see how it goes . While I was getting the shoe out of

35. again roll it out lengthwise just to flatten it and now it should be getting

36. But I also would have been proactive in making it getting

37. kind of fighting by getting hit

38. When did she start getting interested in this ?

39. Such robot swarms will need to avoid getting jammed up in tight spaces .

40. The oceans are getting louder .

41. Hall did not like him , and whenever he dared he talked of the advisability of getting rid of him; but he showed his dislike chiefly by concealing it ostentatiously , and avoiding his visitor as much as possible .

42. getting up and down off the ground they

43. really um she's really proud of it and do you enjoy getting gifts yes I really

44. can't . . . I have to keep asking him to repeat , and it's getting embarrassing . " So I sort

45. about getting all the details just get

46. really a language lesson like you're getting when you're

47. so it's a very different way of learning and many people getting

48. uncle's . . . Your uncle's . . . This is getting difficult . Your uncle's son or your uncle's

49. getting a push

50. don't get paid for it and leisure time is increasingly of course getting less

51. Don't use boring words . Okay ? Remember: you're getting marked on vocabulary . You want to

52. I'm getting ready for my daughter's

53. here and when we're getting ready to get

54. but it's getting closer it was a bit of

55. store credit is like getting a gift card

56. good to divide up your answer . Okay ? So when they ask you a question , instead of just getting

57. getting this signature coca-cola logo on

58. not getting his feet sorted out at the

59. goes getting up and writing is a

60. positions that enjoy getting forward

61. I want to talk about getting you into

62. words then you're getting along the

63. really interested in knowing about the country and you know getting all the

64. it up so I'm looking forward to to getting back into it and it's the one

65. which was speaking to native speakers and getting feedback from them ,

66. you're getting a 65-inch TCL Roku TV .

67. Over there , and there's tons of good little ingredients in here . We're just getting to the end this was 4 , 000 won

68. with Carl getting the more lucrative

69. I heard you were abroad somewhere getting shot at . What happened ?

70. I'll be fucked if I'll be a midlist novelist getting good reviews from the people I give good reviews to

71. you're getting value for money I don't

72. I'm getting stronger step-by-step Clark

73. getting acquainted with the business

74. getting more than 10 million when their

75. getting it right a wrong calculation

76. really appreciate it we're getting

77. And now , phrases we use in getting off the phone as you wrap up a conversation .

78. getting people’s attention starts from the beginning .

79. saw him he was getting closer thank you

80. getting higher now .

81. If I don't leave my house early , maybe there will be problems getting to the interview;

82. get a a VDP of him be deep but getting

83. these students are getting a crash course in leadership -

84. they're getting the same resume and cover letter as other companies , because you're

85. knowledge control getting that over

86. lesson in just a little bit getting to know me a bit more so

87. in solution getting short around water

88. and by the afternoon the dog was getting very lonely and upset , and it would howl every

89. Because there's the way it's set up , their getting their dopamine fixes and it's really rewiring their brain .

90. get that a draw getting your also notice

91. but apparently we are getting it .

92. But I have to say , while I was getting our coffees earlier , there was nobody else in the café talking except me and my friend .

93. like that with each mode of transportation you're getting to

94. There's an amazing school in Detroit that's getting national attention right now .

95. I'm always looking forward to getting

96. This January , you're getting five all new Ben Franklin videos

97. you're getting marked on four different things . One of these things is vocabulary . So how

98. This problem has been getting worse for decades ,

99. turn out to be very bad for our health , perhaps worse than getting divorced .

100. of me getting scared or saying embarrassing things ,

101. to the kind of treatment I was getting ,

102. I had no idea how perfect a real education I was getting

103. relation to pizza with getting hair in

104. but you can predict what an answer is going to be , and your chance of getting that answer

105. Jean Twenge , psychologist and author I think everybody’s had that experience of reading their news feed too much , compulsively checking your phone if you’re waiting for a text or getting really into social media then kind of , looking up and realising that an hour has passed .

106. was kind of bumming around and getting

107. went to four and it was getting

108. getting started the next year she raced

109. classic Turkish music is getting more relaxed and has the kind of music you like changed over the years maybe a

110. I'm looking forward to getting back there actually .

111. I didn't see it then , but it turned out that getting fired from

112. and you have to stop , so that's getting out of breath . Okay ? So: "At one time in the past

113. is the same , or less than getting a plane .

114. A lot of the times when it rains , you know , I don't like getting wet , so what do I do ?

115. let's get into the lesson because of getting not getting a

116. part was basic getting that flipped over

117. were getting very emotional .

118. of me getting scared or saying embarrassing things ,

119. cleaning the bathroom and actually getting in there and

120. something I might use commitment which is you know getting you to

121. that kind of thing but anyway i'm getting you know I'm kind of

122. continue the show you guys are actually getting these views a

123. He was getting upset .

124. And originally this phrase comes from paying for something and not getting the right money back .

125. Dan I’m just getting ready for the inevitable rise of the machines .

126. Finally , after getting used to understanding and analysing our emotions , we should practise getting a positive value from them .

127. need to look how he's getting it he's

128. the pace of fence getting up to the pill

129. bono getting something on me right for

130. getting science even across to the

131. it's getting better so it's got a little

132. It’s a major inconvenience that stops people from getting social benefits , traveling , and

133. we're getting it now and it's gonna

134. smoothness of the operation getting

135. He told the Reuters news agency he believes the research shows this method could be very effective in getting patients to take early steps to prevent future problems .

136. " he said , staring round in a drowsy manner , and speaking over his hand , and then , getting more fully awake , "certainly .

137. American is getting an advantage and

138. don't know what I'm going to say and then you start getting

139. says about getting the door ready for

140. that does take some getting used to

141. but after getting off the bus I got

142. have been getting squished tighter , tighter , and tighter ,

143. You hear about these things getting lost . . . ending up on rubbish tips and whatnot .

144. IELTS students often overuse linking words , and they end up getting a lower score because

145. But I also would have been proactive in making it getting

146. airport security hey if you like getting

147. Tim Indeed . But getting back to AI and what machines can do – are they any good at solving real-life problems ?

148. Even America's animals are getting into the action .

149. It got to the point where I felt so hopeless and depressed that I couldn’t even face getting up in the morning .

150. many of you I am getting hundreds and

151. We're getting a divorce .

152. start getting my egg whites to the

153. ways of getting the deck onto the piers

154. So we're getting feedback from teachers at the school

155. getting the bubbles out and all this has

156. I am getting my hair cut , I am getting my hair cut .

157. chance of getting that job you desire if

158. So , I've been getting a lot of questions and comments lately on

159. about getting as many on the plot as

160. architecture is all about getting us to

161. You're just getting that now ? Whoa !

162. Sherlock , you'd better explain 'cause I am not getting this .

163. - Molly ! - Oh , hello . I'm just getting out .

164. You getting anywhere with that Morse Code ?

165. Perhaps she was getting a bit of unwanted attention ?

166. Look across the street . Taxi . It's stopped . Nobody getting in and nobody getting out .

167. . . . something that would stop the owner getting paid £30 million .

168. How's he getting on ?

169. She's always getting at me , saying I weren't a real man .

170. You look much better . getting out , socializing ?

171. have been getting squished tighter , tighter , and tighter ,

172. 23 minutes . Mycroft's getting slow .

173. My version , he's bone idle and likes getting stoned too much .

174. Now , that is a dominatrix . This is getting rather fun , isn't it ?

175. getting nowhere .

176. Thanks for getting me into this mess . It's the most fun I've had in years !

177. We're getting out of here . Guys , just go with me on this .

178. You look much better . getting out , socializing ?

179. His parents , and my heart breaks for them , aren't getting their son back .

180. Everyone was getting pretty wasted .