معنی فارسی کلمه gets

می شود

کاربرد gets در جمله

1. and then what the rest of society gets

2. James gets there just first .

3. speed as the country gets pumped into

4. Never start with the head . The victim gets all fuzzy . He can't feel the next . . .

5. And his parents said they are prepared to follow his interests , as he gets older , like to video games .

6. It’s quite pretty when it gets the light and puts these magenta and pink colors on the water .

7. quicker than a student gets through

8. and that breaks the surface tension gets

9. could she gets the cowboy burger how do

10. so Marco de bello gets us underway

11. Chevy Chase in an onside position gets

12. excuse gets himself into the in position

13. and the new a-class gets Mercedes new

14. longer gets equipped with a 22 kilowatt

15. And then , another complication: If the divorced couple or one of them gets married again-they

16. worried and it gets worse and worse and

17. more it gets more Boris yes Bob Boris is

18. chocolate at a time and then he gets

19. slows down as the battery gets full

20. depending on the source this plant gets

21. everything that ample hills makes gets

22. dog got skunk I smell it but if she gets

23. The more frequently you do this , the stronger your brain gets at recognizing these mistakes

24. The train gets in a 7 AM , the train gets in a 7 AM .

25. a catalyst a catalyst a catalyst is something that gets you

26. lot of the things very quickly and this really gets to the

27. In mansions where everyone in my crew gets their own room

28. this one Eldon gets on the ball and then

29. gets it back from Ramirez it's a clever

30. keep everything inside and it gets kind of hot and humid and

31. How you doing is another way of saying "hello" , but it also gets the information for how you feeling today

32. plates that way each cake pan gets the

33. bottle so you know when the sauce gets

34. from Messi takes a touch gets his head

35. the next video like always as soon as this gets

36. at home you know because she gets to have me be her personal

37. taught not to look at like , if your opponent gets angry

38. We make copies for our students , but that gets pretty expensive , so we also have

39. This is about as refined as a 24 hour waffle house gets

40. wrong , so he says: "I could have been a contender" meaning someone who really gets out there

41. it just gets better and better as the years roll on .

42. edge stays on his feet gets a little

43. but and gets to it was coming in

44. skin if the air is too dry our skin gets

45. Number five - this is the thing that always gets my students and I always warn them about

46. goes on , it gets harder and harder . So the first part is the easiest , and then it gets

47. grows up never gets old

48. I will give $ 100 million to whoever gets me out of here !

49. and then it's gotta go , maybe it gets paid a wage

50. And that's pretty unusual for someone who gets this type of reception almost everywhere he goes .

51. is every time that she gets a picture of scenery ,

52. climate gets warm the price of gold is

53. comes off the primary everything gets

54. this car at the car that gets a lot of

55. upstream Tower Bridge gets its name from

56. and engine data that data gets to the

57. everything he's got mess he gets it back

58. He's undefeated , and he gets by

59. it all gets a bit bouncy so just having

60. where it gets fun so I will be person a

61. The more it gets dark .

62. and if things go bad a child gets sick a

63. that's your foot oh nothing gets by you

64. trim and that gets 18 inch alloy wheels

65. to work it normally gets harder as you

66. As Ian gets better at using his hand , the researchers give him new challenges .

67. Another thing you'll find with uncountable words , and this is where it kind of gets a

68. gets congested your quality of life

69. a crew gets to work on the south end of

70. In this situation you could use the phrases: I'll tell him to ring you when he gets back .

71. leave a message ? I'll give her your message as soon as she gets back . I'll

72. get him to call you as soon as he gets

73. to make you seem nervous . Maybe you're calm , but the coffee gets you moving more . People

74. car everybody gets a car

75. accounts so if one gets compromised others don’t too but remembering complex passwords

76. he gets himself nicely composed and

77. gets rocked to one side just like a

78. difficult one to Courtois cabbie gets it

79. weaknesses . Okay ? Don't use "I think" too much . "I think" gets

80. gets pretty old pretty fast so in this

81. Leto stops him now Messi gets it on that

82. resets your mind it gets if your five

83. it really gets interesting so I will be

84. a rat us so the third one gets the

85. next episode when this video gets ten thousand views i will

86. any other thing like that but again once this video gets ten

87. door or anything like that . She has her car there , so she gets into her car and she sleeps

88. if you buy a new car everyone gets that thick instruction

89. and as always as soon as this video gets to 10 , 000 views or

90. and just like that video if this video gets over 10 , 000 views i

91. enjoyed this like it so i can make more as soon as this gets

92. gridlock" , and a gridlock is when the traffic just gets so stuck it can't move . If you have

93. You know , imagine if I said: "I will bring a sweater in case it gets cold" , so the part

94. Yeah , I think it leaves at 6 . 45 , and it gets there around 7 . 30 .

95. every time you see a fault she gets