معنی فارسی کلمه Great

بزرگ‌، عظ‌یم‌، كبیر، مهم‌، هنگفت‌، زیاد، تومند، متعدد،، ماهر، بصیر، ابستن‌، ط‌ولانی‌.

کاربرد Great در جمله

1. Adventure today so much good food and definitely a Great start to our South Korean

2. Great .

3. Great .

4. as if it was Great fun .

5. Great . That's what you do .

6. Well Great .

7. house has amazing architecture Great

8. Great financial success in order to make

9. Portugal Great Britain Spain Switzerland

10. Great because it's a beautiful beautiful

11. Great ideas but we need to validate the

12. Narrows Bridge opens with Great fanfare

13. Well , this is actually not a Great answer and the reason is because: First , it's not

14. Great so this is the introduction all

15. So one Great idea if you're afraid of talking on the phone in English is to memorize key

16. You've written this amazing speech . Okay ? You've got a Great topic . You know all

17. Great job .

18. Good , thanks . Great , thanks . What about you ? What's up ? Not much .

19. bellboy will bring it up Great well

20. interview is a Great opportunity to

21. that be Great ? If you would like to go to the beach with me , just throw me some money

22. Great let's do that one more time here

23. It still sounds natural and it's Great

24. Great ! We have a room available for this weekend ma'am . How much will it cost ? It

25. with me . That just doesn't sound Great for an interview . Isn't it ? So what you can say

26. Of course Brilliant has plenty of other Great courses too and if you want to take them you

27. it's a Great tarnish it comes was really

28. they say a Great first touch he's had a

29. Great at that in that situation he

30. Great how you doing now if someone would

31. okay nice one I'm looking for a Great

32. wow you look Great nice dress

33. know you're going to do Great . Just practice , take a deep breath , and you're going to do

34. the Great thing about being part of the

35. actually I refer to my mom's cooking because it's a Great cook Coker and it's

36. questions we're Great or they weren't

37. presents another Great example now it's

38. Great idea and then he provides two

39. I'll take 500 grams Great anything else

40. because it's Great

41. the pack this is Great George the engine

42. reading but not with Great depth because

43. have a Great day I can't wait to see you

44. couldn't hold it in that was Great I would that was Great

45. okay Great now let's continue to

46. answer I'm doing Great

47. instead of studying and you've probably got a lot of Great

48. this creates Great notes with Great

49. my mother also very Great that I helped my grandmother can you tell me any more

50. myself , so if you would clean the kitchen that would be Great . "

51. take a Great time of sleeping just to prepare yourself for the next week let's talk about music what sort of music do

52. soon till then you have a Great day

53. Okay , Great .

54. all the best remote Great hand of that

55. Great and I hope you enjoyed this video

56. and she's Great I think because it's really nice to know somebody from

57. the middle parachutes Great ring

58. I’m done with this place , and it feels Great !

59. Great cathedrals of world football the

60. to Vega would work Great determination

61. about bubbles that I think is Great it

62. doing Great things for me giant

63. I'm no Great athlete but I did learn a

64. not a Great artist but they're actually

65. and check out some more of my vids here . Make it a Great week by loving others

66. makes a Great millennial City so please

67. you are looking Great you are too

68. well it has been a Great honor did you

69. This is Great , Son . An inside job . I see the appeal .

70. Great digit

71. I'm making Great progress with the

72. dreams I'd say this but you did a Great

73. oh Great cuz i'm hungry good when you

74. When it comes to Germany’s Great museum cities , Frankfurt is one of the Greats .

75. - HI . - THAT'S A Great OUTFIT .

76. (STAMMERS) from Great beyond .

77. Battle is the Great redeemer .

78. So clean air , which is Great ,

79. can be a Great illustration of diplomatic soft power .

80. about what makes Great typography Great .

81. I didn't want to be a lucky climber . I wanted to be a Great climber .

82. a £20 million deal with Armani in 2007 which attracted a Great deal of attention .

83. that magically a Great buyer would arrive

84. So brain research is one of the Great frontiers

85. Yeah , it's Great .

86. know that you're a Great tennis player

87. always a Great risk to narrow that gap

88. So you need belly laughter then – Great big guffaws ?

89. Ravi: Well , they wrote a lot of Great songs , obviously , and they came along at the start of the nineteen sixties as rock and roll had become really popular in America and around the world .

90. >> Isn't that >> Is Great .

91. First of all , you look Great . I love your hair .

92. Great let's try that one more time are

93. Task can be there are other ways to do it , but the way I showed you is a Great formula

94. In the Great 1980s movie "The Blues Brothers , "

95. expressions and review them it's Great

96. will say this though they do have Great

97. sitting here and watching videos and it's Great if you can watch

98. this Great sort of money shot of green

99. our mold might not be looking Great because we've lost some of our gel so we

100. because they add Great flavor

101. hope you had a Great time . They're looking good now the pastry is looking like it's

102. What a Great role this is .

103. Great on their own guys but if you want

104. Have a Great week and I'll see you on Friday .

105. now the Great thing about this a-class

106. people would be Great three might be a

107. . You go to Italy , not only do you go mushroom hunting , but of course , there’s Great food there , and they cook with mushrooms in a very big way .

108. They found that listeners are really Great at detecting new sounds but far less able to detect when a sound disappears .

109. My name is Emma , and in today's video I am going to teach you some Great writing tips .

110. Maybe you know CPR , maybe you're Great when it comes to computers , maybe you speak four

111. Great summer treat very refreshing easy

112. okay your turn Great job and now tell me

113. These only chanced to be heard , indeed , or account of their being very frequently repeated with Great emphasis .

114. Henry: That’s Great .

115. because this is a Great expression for

116. "Oh , the food was Great , you know , the people were wonderful , I loved it , but it rained ,

117. Thanksgiving meal it's a Great

118. because this is a Great sentence in

119. working everybody's off but I have Great

120. El Chapo was Great at it but as it turns out , centuries ago people’s refrigerators didn’t

121. ones like these they're Great big tall

122. I'll say , Great I'll make some tea , I'll make some tea .

123. that I said so to strike a chord this is a really Great fantastic

124. So tape recording yourself and listening for that mistake is a Great way to become self-aware .

125. some Great tips in which you can clear

126. The joke has become a reality at Great personal expense .

127. Yes , you're Great . Now , I'll be next door if you need me .

128. "Really ? Great ! Come in , kettle's just boiled . "

129. The Great Grimpen Minefield , they call it .

130. There's something of Great danger is headed our way now .

131. Great day they'll have ,

132. - That is Great . - You're not mad ?

133. It's gonna be Great ! There's a big ceremony ,

134. Okay , Great , we got it .

135. it is my Great honor to present to you . . . Tigress !

136. if it weren't for our Great benefactor Arthur Tressier .

137. Stitch has done a Great job over that right eye

138. Oh , Great , burgers .

139. Well , it's a Great location . Jubilee Line's handy .

140. You mean I'd make a Great feature . "Sherlock Holmes , the man beneath the hat . "

141. Hmm . Great news .

142. A Great big dog run wild up on the moor , it was heaven sent .

143. You're a Great boyfriend .

144. Because you're the Great Sherlock Holmes , the clever detective in the funny hat ?

145. The Great artisans say the more the teapot is used . . .

146. And because Sherlock Holmes is a Great man .

147. Great !

148. services each letter is read with Great

149. more coming soon Great really commonly

150. Great turn by castilleja and that is a

151. spin here a Great feat doesn't catch it

152. Great in the core in the case of the s60

153. All their courses are Great but if you’re looking for one to start on I particularly

154. But it is said to be in Great need of repair work to prevent it from collapsing .

155. about it it's a really Great

156. that's Great got one more thing I'd like

157. Sevenpence-halfpenny’s worth per week is a good round diet for a child; a Great deal may be got for sevenpence-halfpenny .

158. This means they enjoy being tall , they get Great satisfaction from it .

159. Neil Well , that’s Great !

160. I wasn't as Great in math as some of my colleagues , my handwriting is terrible .

161. these are all polite so they're Great

162. easiest route to go Great let's look at

163. Other studies , he noted , have shown that air pollution has a Great effect on the white matter in the brain , but not the gray matter .

164. planning on coming that's Great but to

165. medical school it'll be Great to get started on building our applications so

166. the class some compound good good Great

167. went to this Great new movie and one of the scenes in particular I thought was

168. Great time to be alive the auto industry

169. not Great

170. my mother also very Great that I helped

171. workplace I have a Great expression for

172. I mean , the bike thing's a Great cover , right ?

173. - Have a Great trip ! - We will !

174. tram but it's also fun to walk up and down the street to make Great photos

175. Great to take time to do this . Because , really , he's so busy , he's rehearsing , he's getting ready for

176. is Great job the cat is in the kitchen

177. persuasion this is a really Great advanced word kind of hard

178. as a child and you lost touch with that thing this is a Great

179. What does it take to be a Great leader ?

180. was still winded this is a Great work here wing

181. birds fly inside a space Great would

182. that's a Great point now let's talk

183. cockpit now and it's Great being part of

184. what do you think about those changes too I think it's a Great idea you know the

185. The ideal time to go is more or less the same as the Inca Trail’s season but late April or early October are Great times for trekking to avoid the rain and trail congestion .

186. So your tour is booked , your bags are packed and you secured a Great deal on that flight

187. logical beings or you have Great clarity

188. McGrath brothers Great Pacific pumpkins

189. sides of the bridge the view from above is Great especially during sunsets from

190. are Great places for people-watching , or a game of volleyball with the locals .

191. known for its Great restaurants and fashion boutiques .

192. And don't forget about the Square itself , which is a Great place to sit back ,

193. A Great way to explore these coastal neighborhoods is to hire a beach cruiser

194. agricultural age Great Notley Garden

195. thousands of new words learn lots of Great phrases and

196. actually don't like what a Great big

197. Millions of more people built the Hoover dam and other Great projects .

198. was Great about it just hugs the garden

199. I have a lot of Great resources there on all sorts of things , including grammar , vocabulary ,

200. Great reactions a toy you buy a keeper

201. let's now enter the Great antechamber

202. else flows from and if you have a Great minds that are you able

203. Well , that's a Great question .

204. Now , it's okay if you're not a Great artist; you don't have to be for this video .

205. a Great day

206. Great let's try that one more time are

207. morning and he said yes I can go Great I

208. colleagues said oh Jay this is Great

209. and a Great spot to enjoy a panoramic view .

210. Great .

211. Adam: Great to have you here , Jo .

212. where you’ll find one of the world’s Great squares , St Marks .

213. zebra mussels in the Great Lakes , spruce budworm here in Canada .

214. - The Museum of Discovery and Science is a Great place

215. But it's got Great views of Central Park and midtown if you go on a sunny day .

216. algae and plastics from the Great

217. pineapple the purple is Great the orange

218. Neil In this case though she is using it to say how shocked and surprised she is that people know going out in the country is good and a Great way to relax but they still don't do it .

219. Among other public buildings in a certain town , which for many reasons it will be prudent to refrain from mentioning , and to which I will assign no fictitious name , there is one anciently common to most towns , Great or small .

220. built to rival the Great buildings of London .

221. They've been amazing , and they've been Great .

222. And it's a Great car .

223. that in the house it's really Great but in his case he

224. if you ever see a baby you know this is a Great thing you can

225. it's kind of hard to see I couldn't really get a Great

226. people can get excited about name so he's a Great teacher but

227. And that way I will have a Great time at the restaurant , hopefully .

228. So we're in the Great room of a seventeen point seven five million

229. There's something of Great danger is headed our way now .

230. you're gonna die Great chance so the

231. and he does Great face Suarez to the

232. Great little tone of place wasn't it

233. they're Great staff amongst the city

234. nearly a Great deal and a very level

235. It's not Great ! It's a bit grey at the moment .

236. Great about this is it being able to

237. Great things that come out of that and I

238. Great therapy a nice way to go through

239. car that's always been Great to drive

240. One website says Korean people like to add any leftovers from dinner the night before to breakfast – which is simply a Great idea .

241. eyes Great and of course she gets

242. out it looks Great here in America

243. suspension does a Great job of dealing

244. do the IELTS . I know you can pass , I know you can get a Great mark , a Great bandwidth

245. computing has a Great display of early

246. But , yeah , it was a Great choice nonetheless .

247. And he goes , "Oh , this is Great , this is Great . "

248. What was she like ? Why was she so Great ? You might be asked about a book , music , a television

249. It's actually a Great way to save you some money .

250. We're already seeing some Great use cases ,