معنی فارسی کلمه Gone

(اسم‌ مفعول‌ فعل‌ og).

کاربرد Gone در جمله

1. Here she was a-bothering about Moses , which was no kin to her , and no use to any- body , being Gone , you see , yet finding a power of fault with me for doing a thing that had some good in it .

2. there's feeling of , oh , my God , my house is Gone .

3. something isn't right , there's a mistake , or something may have Gone wrong . If you say:

4. and it's Gone .

5. where it's Gone is a weak point inherent

6. Gone oh no where's odious she's Joey

7. have Gone from a mere hole in the wall

8. increase productivity Gone was the

9. loads of attempts have Gone much more

10. mother and Sheldon buys a song Gone too

11. we haven't Gone over three words . Also , I could write for these questions maybe one

12. the amount of energy generated every year from fossil fuels has Gone up

13. Leaf and BMW i3 have Gone through

14. How long will i be Gone ?

15. recent times is surely now Gone forever

16. The human world , before Johnny's Gone forever .

17. it's like have you ever Gone Michael

18. high speed until they've Gone from being a deep yellow to a pale and fluffy

19. came across four delinquents so far Gone she couldn't find anyone to take them in so she did try one more time get up Jerry

20. The boat's in pieces , it's Gone ! Enough !

21. ♪ Now I'm Gone , now I'm Gone Now I'm Gone

22. if he's here and Jenny's Gone missing ,

23. Then the next morning , Bluebell was Gone !

24. I think you've just Gone out there and got yourself a bit worked up .

25. Maybe she's just run away . Gone off , so she can . . .

26. Is that 'cause he'd Gone to heaven ?

27. With what they were doing in there . Couldn't Henry have Gone the same way ?

28. He's Gone ! You've got to stop him . I don't know what he might do .

29. Should have Gone with him .

30. - He's Gone . - Who , Sherlock Holmes ?

31. But for this man , I'd have Gone to prison . - You did go to prison .

32. Funnily enough , no-one's ever Gone for that option .

33. Didn't notice I'd Gone out then ?

34. Could have Gone on holiday .

35. Well . . . their paperwork's already Gone through .

36. See , told you you should have Gone with the Lilo .

37. It's OK that you've Gone to the police .

38. His body would have Gone on for ages if the train hadn't hit a stretch of track with curves .

39. you can't try it on you don't know if it fits and then if you when you've Gone

40. How long will i be Gone ?

41. came across four delinquents so far Gone . she couldn't find anyone to take them in , so she did . try it one more time . get him Jerry . yeah , get him Jerry .

42. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea but I didn’t get any help; I could have Gone to a driving

43. instance a wedding if you have Gone for

44. And directly the crates were unpacked , the stranger went to the window and set to work , not troubling in the least about the litter of straw , the fire which had Gone out , the box of books outside , nor for the trunks and other luggage that had Gone upstairs .

45. And after the stranger had Gone to bed , which he did about half-past nine , Mr .

46. speaks about the manager now , even after all these years have Gone by .

47. that's kind of Gone mad perhaps setting

48. ball with five minutes Gone looked like

49. moments Gone

50. dense and chilly cookie I've also Gone

51. haven't Gone so conservative that they

52. "And the money's Gone !

53. and it's all Gone can tell that there

54. Catherine Well , she said that we can get so involved in our phones that we don’t notice the time passing and when we finally look up , we realise that maybe an hour has Gone .

55. They drew aside as he passed down the village , and when he had Gone by , young humourists would up with coat-collars and down with hat-brims , and go pacing nervously after him in imitation of his occult bearing .

56. trim those off they will be from where the gel has Gone into a hole in the shoe

57. team was Gone .

58. What had been the focus of my entire adult life was Gone ,

59. he was overseas I've Gone to some of the

60. The researchers note that maybe detecting the appearance of new sounds , like a predator approaching or stranger in the night , is more important for survival than detecting when that sound has Gone away .

61. wondering where they've Gone you know No

62. kids he's Gone what am I supposed to do

63. Things that humans don't miss if they're Gone .

64. Art's balance has Gone down another 280K .

65. lt's Gone .

66. Those Mob fools want you Gone so they can get back to the way things were .

67. race the longest I've Gone without a

68. proved highly effective and has not Gone

69. you've done 35 miles an hour you've Gone

70. film check own manga that has Gone past

71. hour Gone cometh the hour cometh for

72. AEIOU and after we've already Gone through all the names of

73. poutines restaurant you know you've Gone

74. to talk about a present my husband gave me last year for my birthday we had Gone to Istanbul for a few days my husband

75. drink drunk eat eaten go Gone have hard

76. with Cristina and Guada . Cristina had Gone to Berlin the weekend before so she came with

77. Once you've Gone through your entire story ,

78. Okay , great . So we've Gone through the first part of a phone call . -

79. presentation has Gone well , you want to be completely in command during your question

80. yet . He's Gone to the movies with his friends . You can also ask

81. with the roadway now Gone the spans way

82. parents pass it on Suri has Gone to not

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کلمات مرتبط با Gone

6. exhausted
معنی کلمه

7. destroyed
معنی کلمه

11. foregone
معنی کلمه

13. deceased
معنی کلمه

16. at peace
معنی کلمه

19. done for
معنی کلمه

27. disappeared
معنی کلمه

29. vanished
معنی کلمه

33. happened
معنی کلمه

37. forgotten
معنی کلمه

38. returned
معنی کلمه

40. progressed
معنی کلمه

43. subsided
معنی کلمه

49. traveled
معنی کلمه

55. dissipated
معنی کلمه

57. undergone
معنی کلمه

58. absconded
معنی کلمه

59. stretched
معنی کلمه

63. evaporated
معنی کلمه

65. disappear
معنی کلمه

66. functioned
معنی کلمه

73. finished
معنی کلمه

78. surpassed
معنی کلمه

80. suffered
معنی کلمه

81. resorted
معنی کلمه

84. remained
معنی کلمه

87. exceeded
معنی کلمه

89. collapsed
معنی کلمه

91. embarked
معنی کلمه

93. achieved
معنی کلمه

98. invested
معنی کلمه

99. completed
معنی کلمه

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