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1. When we talk about behavioural interview questions , what the interviewer is asking is they want

2. in here ? " So , it's a good way of asking a question in a polite way . Okay ? So , that's

3. so in the previous video I was asking people what they thought

4. sentences and also asking questions now

5. and I've been asking these questions to researchers for years ,

6. like I was asking a fair price and

7. not a dialogue . Okay ? The examiner isn't asking you questions and you're giving responses ,

8. coming over and asking and talking and

9. people asking me why I don't love all my

10. . . . 8 . . . I'm asking you to trust me

11. I kept asking the doctors , what can I look forward to in the future ?

12. name so he's a great teacher but he was asking me and he's also

13. ye said it right and asking Oh Oh God

14. Finally , when you are talking to people with whom you have a relationship of some kind , get into the habit of asking open-ended questions .

15. sentences and asking questions as well

16. negative sentences and asking questions

17. negative sentences and asking questions

18. He's a family man . He's not a bad man . He's just asking for help , only help .

19. ♪ Don't remember what you're asking for ♪

20. When you started asking me about my patients .

21. I've been asking this one , she doesn't seem to know anything .

22. I'm just saving you the trouble of asking .

23. You want to take me to the station . Just saving you the trouble of asking .

24. Any point in asking where I'm going ?

25. - . . . I'm really not looking for any . . . - No , I'm . . . not asking . No .

26. Please stop asking .

27. Has anyone else been round asking about Alex ?

28. . . . 8 . . . I'm asking you to trust me

29. You're probably asking yourself , "But Kim , I'm trying to be more polite when speaking English .

30. "All I'm asking you to do is play 38 games to win the league .

31. so Sultan why don't you try asking the

32. so we've been asking consumers for their

33. That's why I'm asking about the average number of times Tim , so just make an intelligent guess .

34. These consisted for the most part in looking very hard at the stranger whenever they met , or in asking people who had never seen the stranger , leading questions about him .

35. For a week after the commission of the impious and profane offence of asking for more , Oliver remained a close prisoner in the dark and solitary room to which he had been consigned by the wisdom and mercy of the board .

36. Jo: He’s asking about the number of pets the British have compared to other countries .

37. you can sit today's topic is asking and

38. help you find anything is asking like is

39. When you are asking for a request , if you're asking for information

40. testing asking me what the hell this car

41. older people kept asking me and and but

42. I believe that asking a new question , you get a new answer .

43. How about curing all diseases and asking volunteers to track their health data and share their

44. So , when you think about a cover letter or a resume , imagine a company is asking you:

45. that sounds kind of complicated but all its really asking is if

46. can't . . . I have to keep asking him to repeat , and it's getting embarrassing . " So I sort

47. asking them what their most important life goals were ,

48. and we made an art out of asking people to help us and join us ,

49. Young people are asking us for apprenticeships ,

50. we are being asked somebody is asking us

51. meeting him he was asking questions

52. engine design it is asking for trouble

53. time I mean it's like asking which of my

54. come on is asking or I think that

55. end up asking you hey how are you or hey

56. own experiences . And if you don't have a lot of experiences in terms of what they're asking

57. so you're going to start asking

58. question just asking you for a fact in

59. asking the question you want to do that

60. toy so as an example maybe on 10 years old and I'm asking my

61. driving and asking you for directions

62. then in the comments you're asking other people who are

63. Next one . If you ask someone to speak more slowly , what would you say ? If you're asking

64. just walked around asking that person that question

65. these laundry bags back to America and so when I was asking

66. we're asking questions in the box a

67. they're not actually asking you to tell them about your

68. talk . I'm also gonna explain that what exactly the interviewer thinks , when he's asking certain

69. To finish , I’ll be asking you to think of ways you can incorporate quality control into

70. name of the company and then asking how

71. Sometimes you might get a call asking for the wrong person . This type of call

72. So in starting a phone conversation , we use small talk asking someone how they're doing

73. if someone's asking how long ,

74. we'll be asking the questions old man

75. focus it down by asking yourselves this one question:

76. asking about the directions to the train station . Right ?

77. And the weirdest question is , people are asking me

78. mine he was asking leadership in Utopia

79. and don't bother asking if that's Celsius or Fahrenheit ,

80. asking which teachers are still going to be here in teaching

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