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1. The full lesson includes a transcript , so you can study the answers in your own time .

2. You better know the answers too .

3. answers from one sheet of paper to another sheet of paper . So in total , 40 minutes .

4. Another key tip: Expand your answers . So what does this mean ? Well , maybe the examiner asked

5. My fourth point is: make sure you have enough time to transfer your answers . They will have

6. answers , then play the video again and check .

7. In brand new questions , we all of the sudden have brand new answers .

8. the answers are lacking in some way , shape or form .

9. answers more naturally now during the

10. door but nobody answers but I was very

11. No answers until the end of the show .

12. When you do answer the question , make sure , again , you don't give these short yes/no answers .

13. you some answers alright time to suit up

14. and sometimes we find out we just don't have the right answers .

15. I only doubt that Z can provide all the answers you seek from it

16. We don't know all the answers ,

17. There were no easy answers ,

18. so you can look at them and decide your answers .

19. answers over to another sheet . So , in total , it's 40 minutes; 30 minutes for listening ,

20. to either of them , and she says . . . So , Scott answers and he says: "No , we haven't . " Sometimes

21. Okay , the next point of "Dos" is: expand your answers . Okay ? So if it says: "Where was the

22. through the answers stressed for time

23. and example answers and it's a great way

24. that answers the question

25. funny in their answers remember to use

26. pieces of your answers that actually use

27. to give you the example answers in my

28. Here are some possible answers:

29. online that talk about the most common interview questions and answers . This video would be

30. answers that you will hear

31. to give your answers in the present perfect .

32. You need to take some time to think about the questions and think about your answers . Okay ?

33. on one thing that I like the answers hey

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