معنی فارسی کلمه added


کاربرد added در جمله

1. ” He added that toys gain popularity in the playground , where young children show and tell others about them .

2. use real fresh oranges I've added the

3. ingredients are then added to form the

4. could be added to a Nashville mix to

5. concrete piers were added to support the

6. only added on an extra 2 , 100 miles that

7. We’ve added –s to some verbs .

8. So , again , the only difference here is we've now added the word "not" .

9. sporty to drive and they've also added

10. we added lemon zest to the cookies and

11. added some cream of tartar it's not

12. He gave full answers to every question and added extra detail , but he never went off-topic .

13. ” Antoniades added that researchers had yet to estimate exactly how many heart attacks could be prevented .

14. He was wrapped up from head to foot , and the brim of his soft felt hat hid every inch of his face but the shiny tip of his nose; the snow had piled itself against his shoulders and chest , and added a white crest to the burden he carried .

15. but somehow they added to it .

16. first I've added these straws to measure

17. ’ Mrs . Mann raised her hands in astonishment; but added , after a moment’s reflection , ‘How comes he to have any name at all , then ?

18. ’ He put on his hat , and , pausing by the bed-side on his way to the door , added , ‘She was a good-looking girl , too; where did she come from ?

19. ahead and added my sugars both whites

20. I added my eggs and then you can go

21. is just water I added my sugar and as

22. done is added butter to a saucepan put

23. So , notice here , you can count the number of sisters I have , and so I've added an "s" .

24. shape across the back seats for added

25. for added sporty Darcy are the parking

26. needs is added to each tray cautery

27. could also be added to allow direct text

28. feet of roadway being added to the

29. added operating as both a theme park and

30. wreaths I added the little red bows and

31. together to my butter I've added some

32. well as Fort Worth would also be added

33. forward Highway pegs these are an added

34. meters of green space have been added to

35. with added information now let's look at

36. you heard and then the added one is the

37. that you notice is that we've added a

38. all this added time came from

39. and now we've added all of these functions into our new product

40. You will notice now when we begin with the common English phrases that I've already added in these model verbs to help you out .

41. only added to his fame

42. He simply added a hundred random Russian speakers on Skype as friends ,

43. ‘Decidedly not , ’ added the other members .

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