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کاربرد Anyway در جمله

1. In the 19th century , in this country , Anyway , children and parents were more formal in the

2. Anyway , Neil , tell us more about the octopus .

3. in and study those things but in English Anyway this book and we

4. i guess that makes sense as an educator of English but Anyway

5. need to explain a little bit to explain why it's funny . So , Anyway , we're in London here

6. Anyway look with the maximum speed on

7. audience there might be thousands of people watching them graduate that will make them feel proud you know Anyway I

8. actually buy Anyway click on the pop-out

9. I'm saying Anyway I'm a little bit excited

10. already a member well Anyway let's get into this

11. it down below in the comments so Anyway I actually took the time

12. all of the new videos so let's keep them coming Anyway

13. in looks like but Anyway this is me

14. listening to my intonation as well Anyway I just wanted to

15. episodes so it's up to you Anyway as I always say at the

16. really understand everything Anyway so the point of this

17. but this is a great native way to say this Anyway so i wanted

18. ding ding ding like something like that but Anyway to strike a

19. become fall here in Japan a little bit Anyway it's still

20. seems to me Anyway to focus my mind less

21. most of them Anyway

22. world the Western world Anyway is very

23. Anyway this really doesn't need an

24. for cookies okay Anyway mix that with

25. whoops I'm giving away my age but Anyway

26. Anyway not when they're new . And there are a couple of spots again on the laces

27. Nothing at the house . Well , nothing obvious , Anyway .

28. Anyway , you've paid everyone off , remember ?

29. And since we're here just chatting Anyway . . .

30. He does all that Anyway . . .

31. - So they let it happen Anyway .

32. Not quite sure what I'd charge them with Anyway .

33. We don't ask questions like that here . It isn't done . It was a mix-up , Anyway .

34. - What kind of hat is it , Anyway ? - Bachelor ? What the hell are they implying ?

35. - It was a long shot Anyway . - So what were we doing there ?

36. Anyway , see you .

37. Anyway . . .

38. No , don't be obvious . I mean , I'm going to kill you Anyway , some day .

39. still go outside and go walking Anyway okay now I'd like to ask you some

40. Anyway , I had to learn to drive stick , and it was so difficult !

41. Anyway in the back altogether what they

42. well that it's not safe to turn Anyway

43. I like both , really , but Anyway . Preference , if you prefer something . And this one , with

44. Kardashian for curves Anyway click on

45. First of all we’d programme them so that they couldn’t , and secondly we’d beat them Anyway .

46. Catherine Er , well , yes , I’m alright with my height , I can't do a thing about it Anyway so , how about you ?

47. But I'm going to check it out Anyway .

48. how you got 3 on there , but Anyway . . .

49. Anyway a link to in the description box

50. Anyway , so if there's no job description what you can do is you can think carefully about

51. if you do it for love , the money comes Anyway .

52. it's one of my favorite frostings Anyway

53. oh I'm sorry I live in Canada Anyway

54. thank you Anyway

55. okay thanks Anyway maybe for another

56. Anyway so you basically forced something

57. of time Anyway I think as he covered

58. Pole by a bit but they do this regularly Anyway since the poles moves about 6 . 5 inches per

59. culture in North America Anyway to

60. so Anyway I want you to tell me your

61. imagined that but Anyway so if this is

62. had always wanted to go there Anyway we had a few days holiday from work and we

63. then you Anyway share time with people and have the opportunity to get to know

64. Well , Anyway , we can agree that Michelle is sure to be much faster !

65. course in the spring Anyway it's probably offered at the Community

66. now something's wrong with the water pipes I think some of the pipes burst or wore out or something Anyway

67. your help . Thank you for your time . Thanks for calling . Have a nice day . Anyway , I

68. destroyed our feet doing it so so Anyway

69. Why not , doc ? Give me the prescription Anyway . "

70. house Anyway we'd be rather dissatisfied

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