معنی فارسی کلمه Any

چه‌، كدام‌، چقدر، (درجمع‌) (در پرسش‌) چه‌ نوع‌، چقدر،، هیچ‌، (در جمله‌ء مثبت‌) هر، ازنوع‌، هیچ‌ نوع‌، هیچگونه‌،، هیچ‌.

کاربرد Any در جمله

1. She said it was a mean practice and wasn’t clean , and I must try to not do it Any more .

2. None of this had even a hope of Any practical application in my life .

3. What’s worse , there are barely Any railways and trains are the primary means of transportation

4. regional accent for the capital city of England . So , that's just like Any other regional accent;

5. And it doesn’t get Any ritzier than Fifth Avenue which commands the world's highest

6. And I know why he knelt was not in Any disrespect

7. Neil That’s the first thing you’ve said that makes Any sense .

8. that one is actually taking people from zero so without Any

9. >> Hey , are you going to invite me to Any other events ?

10. The people who sat twice for that second test didn't get Any better;

11. you see Any way to park that white cars

12. won't have a large selection of Any

13. I please . . . ? " Any order . "Can I borrow your pen , please , just for a moment ? " So that's

14. I listen to music pretty much Any time that I’m at home .

15. isn't just Any bike rider she rides a

16. really itchiness couldn't get Any

17. Which makes sense when you consider Auckland has more boats per capita than Any other place

18. just go on our Channel and you know you can look up Any of the

19. Any one year a million or so people die

20. Any topic .

21. Any other words

22. will be duplicated at Any town you like

23. you say to that why not identities Any

24. day is an enormous challenge for Any

25. watch it again and then leave Any questions you have below .

26. could say tea water coke wine Any drink

27. take Any verb like live so I can say I

28. One website says Korean people like to add Any leftovers from dinner the night before to breakfast – which is simply a great idea .

29. But we're not getting Any younger , and I might need time in between .

30. Any blooming and change in texture and

31. the bike Any reason to have electricity

32. you're going to get in Any can people

33. out Any debris and neutralize Any

34. oil you can use Any flavor list oil you

35. tallest pylons of Any bridge in the

36. they don't want Any lines for me so it's

37. thousands of these in the air at Any one

38. Take those binoculars . Pick Any player on or off the field .

39. of Any city in the top ten with a high

40. weather and can operate in almost Any

41. Facebook is unlike Any other commercial

42. forth while Any such movement may

43. everyday language to describe Any

44. so with Any italian car you're probably

45. false , not given" , not "yes , no , not given" . Just -- hopefully , that will clear up Any

46. that are coming up . Very important that you look ahead . Okay ? Any time you have a chance

47. Any function it's the boat

48. it , you can put a star beside it and come back after . Don't spend too long on Any question .

49. We want to see if we can detect Any visual information about the photos

50. because , no matter where Any of us is from ,

51. And the sad fact is that at Any given time ,

52. Is there Any evidence that we're actually using our accumulated , shared knowledge

53. onto Any movement in our physical space that seems autonomous to us .

54. is that you only use parts of it at Any given time

55. the engines of economic growth in Any country .

56. at Any one time

57. and Any kind of public space would wave their hands

58. at Any age .

59. Do you have Any late-afternoon departures ?

60. both camps making light of Any potential

61. had to test out if there was Any dust

62. You see , when defining who got which islands the treaty basically said Any island within

63. Laci Shaw Any quick want to like that

64. check hope he's on side again Any check

65. when you are child you just play and you haven't got Any responsibility or job to

66. see you after school but you can use Any

67. I can hold my body in Any number of

68. There , he developed new ways of using mAny kinds of locally grown wheat , without wasting Any of their components .

69. But I don't even know if I was making Any sense .

70. fluency guide and is a pleasure to be joining you for Any other

71. do if you saw a ghost ? " , "What would you do if you won a lot of money ? " Any possibility:

72. twenty more years and to leave Any final

73. So , I'm hesitant to give you Any tips

74. Any student at my school can come and learn how to design an app .

75. formula so it's easy to remember because really Any of the

76. do you need Any help with your luggage

77. be unlike Any other skyscraper ever

78. against predators Any animal that even tries to eat it won't be around long and

79. feel we can answer with Any certainty so

80. the Constitution does not provide Any

81. taking economic decisions or indeed Any

82. it doesn't feel like Any other Volvo

83. Tim Indeed . But getting back to AI and what machines can do – are they Any good at solving real-life problems ?

84. But the best way to feel better about the one choice we do make may be to put up a literal barrier to Any of the other choices .

85. “I was surprised that we ended up with so few workers actually doing the work at Any one time .

86. John Woodrow: Perhaps your high school , but it’s mostly further education we’re interested in , university or college , then Any professional qualifications you may have , as well as work experience , of course .

87. Steve: No . Pam: We decided to try with everything else first … medication can be effective – anti-depressants aren’t the same these days as they used to be – but Steve got better without Any .

88. me Any questions that you might have and

89. fluently using the verb to be in Any

90. Any other questions thank you for being

91. a verb in IMG so you just take Any base

92. be refrigerated or not well Any cake

93. right off without Any problem at all

94. Any corners on a circle but you know

95. without Any grease residue from other

96. - I can assure you , my mother didn't pay for Any assault .

97. than Any white man had ever seen .

98. Tell me Shawn , have you ever seen Any little people in your room ?

99. Do Any of your kids still respect you ?

100. Any information , I wanna see it straight away .

101. Did you sell Any ?

102. No one within a two-mile radius will sell you Any .

103. - Any ever escape ? - They'd have to know how to use that lift , sir .

104. We are prepared to offer Any sum of money you care to mention . . .

105. with Any colleagues , parents or students .

106. Watching the birds ? Any moment now , something's going to happen .

107. Listen , has he ever had Any kind of . . . girlfriend , boyfriend , a relationship , ever ?

108. Any attempt to open the casing will burn the hard drive .

109. Any time he wants a little chat . . . All right ?

110. It doesn't make Any sense .

111. I mean that you're not exactly a private detective Any more .

112. I can open Any door Anywhere with a few tiny lines of computer code .

113. This is where we'll find it . Any break in the dust line .

114. A few simple lines of computer code that can break into Any system .

115. - None of them had shown Any prior indicat . . . - But you can't have serial suicides .

116. Can't smell Any alcohol on her . It could have been a seizure . Possibly drugs .

117. - . . . I'm really not looking for Any . . . - No , I'm . . . not asking . No .

118. Any breath could be my last .

119. Yeah , Any time you feel like letting me in .

120. You want to tell your little pal he's welcome to go and own up Any time .

121. Any more .

122. Have you got Any change for the cigarette machine ?

123. Any ideas ?

124. Well , there was never Any real contact .

125. by itself in a valley so we don't have Any neighbors it's just all of our all

126. - I can assure you , my mother didn't pay for Any assault .

127. - Are you checking Any bags ? - Yes , just one .

128. It's their job to be available to staff to help them deal with problems they may be having with the changes and answer Any questions , making the change as painless as possible .

129. means you can choose Any answer for T so

130. Any bags to check-in no just my carry-on

131. he need to speak Any English when he's

132. theaters so we can enjoy Any kinds of

133. there Any other flight choices yes you

134. country so remember to declare Any goods

135. we don't know someone we don't use Any

136. it's a sport or an instrument or Any other thing that's a

137. I mean , did I not deserve Any more explanation than . . .

138. " He went straight upstairs , and the stranger's door being ajar , he pushed it open and was entering without Any ceremony , being of a naturally sympathetic turn of mind .

139. Henfrey , — when her visitor asked her if she had made Any arrangements about his boxes at Bramblehurst .

140. if you order Any type of beef the server

141. of their wedding Any biotic cream for

142. . . cos Any teenager with their dad . . . Oh , yeah .

143. This means at Any time in the past , it's your life experience , but of course ,

144. Any better this is st . Martin he walk

145. has got the technique it's not taken Any

146. That is , they aren’t officially citizens of Any country .

147. how chewy these are doesn't get Any

148. Mr . Gamfield growled a fierce imprecation on the donkey generally , but more particularly on his eyes; and , running after him , bestowed a blow on his head , which would inevitably have beaten in Any skull but a donkey’s .

149. the boot now it's not going to have Any

150. James , you rewarded your best employees with some of the best perks Any compAny has given !

151. Rob Oh , well , I guess I won’t be selected to be an astronaut Any time soon !

152. or fell into the fire from neglect , or got half-smothered by accident; in Any one of which cases , the miserable little being was usually summoned into another world , and there gathered to the fathers it had never known in this .

153. For a long time after it was ushered into this world of sorrow and trouble , by the parish surgeon , it remained a matter of considerable doubt whether the child would survive to bear Any name at all .

154. Reza Saadati from Iran wrote to say that he is following his dream to be a physicist; he wants to study in England and he says he isn't going to let Any 'Carolinas' stop him !

155. Neil [hearty guffaw] Tim Fantastic – can I try pinching you now , and test whether you feel Any pain ?

156. Jo and Adam Adam: Do you have Any pets , Jo ?

157. " Her visitor had had an accident , she said , which temporarily discoloured his face and hands , and being of a sensitive disposition , he was averse to Any public notice of the fact .

158. than Any known wine in the world

159. Now you don't have to spend Any money .

160. we can't have Any teachers at this time .


162. areas that don't have Any words you need

163. If you have Any questions , please be sure to leave a comment below the video .

164. Do you watch Any at all ?

165. And I know why he knelt was not in Any disrespect

166. right away without Any delay grab your

167. will have lost some of our detail . Any little bits that are sticking a long

168. could use Any size container you wish

169. over so that you don't get Any of that pencil on your meringue it's just to

170. of liquid sugar and Any frozen fruit of

171. are some salted peanuts or Any salted

172. that built in Any physical said I have

173. But they would use Any technique thing .

174. As always , if you have Any

175. but I don’t really have Any movement below my elbows at all .

176. Actually , Any of you graduating can use that line .

177. Eventually the rats ran the maze without Any reward , or even when being punished by completing it with a drink that made them nauseous .

178. Okay , so again you need to ask yourself: "Did you hear Any key words ?

179. don't have a lot of time , or you know , they just don't have Any ideas .

180. I don't remember Any of it . "

181. Any maintenance issues and there are no

182. listening through Spotify or Any kind of

183. liter twin-turbo v6 so is it Any good in

184. vertical different from Any other piano

185. without replacing or filling Any body

186. Any life though let alone an airport

187. tonight Any chance I could squeeze in

188. it Any sudden moves up inside my mouth

189. cuz you don't ask Any hard questions

190. by Any chance falter perseverance and

191. How could Any hot-blooded rabbit-beast resist ?

192. "Are you in need of Any assistance today , sir ? "

193. want to attract Any unnecessary

194. Any city in America .

195. A short stroll down Any street will bring you

196. A visit to this cultural landmark will ensure Any trip to Colombo can be considered complete .

197. The explore/exploit trade-off shows up Any time you have to choose

198. when you know that Any mistake could mean death

199. more than Any former athlete in the world apart from Michael Jordan .

200. So things will show up in Any shape , right ?

201. Before we start , as always , if you have Any questions

202. So he placed a cord above every station which Any worker could pull to stop the entire assembly

203. coffee and always over course but Any

204. in the case for Any word which is one

205. Again , stay focused , and keep moving . You can spend hours in Any one of these sections ,

206. Any other like ever and yeah

207. here start here Any which way you want

208. to put on a helmet from Any viewpoint

209. quite reluctant to take Any time away

210. from Any direction

211. Any big air pockets so make sure it's sitting flat . Use your rolling pin to

212. is messy - Any esta pista just couldn't

213. also responsible for notifying Any

214. touch Any more in that direction now the

215. In fact , if you run Any sort of business whether that be a brick and mortar store , a podcast ,

216. Any other paper airplane because this

217. miss Any Esther Victor Moses didn't

218. you have Any other questions please do

219. But you can cancel at Any time .

220. to talk about blank . " , "I'm going to talk about blank . " You can use Any of these , but

221. means we can do Any of the options you

222. don't have Any money and the past is

223. exciting we like to add this add Any

224. Or went up Any of those verbs we learned earlier increased dramatically ?

225. don't know" to Any of these questions . They're about you .

226. Any one question you're going to hurt

227. beef do you have Any without

228. to worry about Any of that it's just the

229. and technique so that you can answer Any

230. okay and are there Any negative effects if you spend too much time exercising or

231. perhaps art and literature I could talk about Any of these things but give me a

232. Any vibrations and that makes sure that

233. today are even cricket cricket doors or Any kind of famous personality they

234. my mother also very great that I helped my grandmother can you tell me Any more

235. famous other Any other types of people who are famous in your country um

236. her and you know books i read or Any other thing like that but

237. really helps you got Any questions about

238. teacher who was able to teach me and he didn't speak Any English

239. but going back Any further than that , their great-grandparents or great-great-grandparents . . .

240. restaurant but yeah we some thanks to did you ever do Any cooking

241. make Any sound and do you think parents should encourage their children to have

242. So you might hear Any of these variations of it .

243. don't know it could be Any Street maybe

244. like this video and if you have Any questions or you want to

245. Okay , so for example , one mistake I think is the most important to fix is Any mistakes

246. Any or if you have Any questions

247. trying to make something again there won't be Any subtitles at

248. helped to buy Any chair let's think about working for other people without

249. my grandmother can you tell me Any more

250. from my point of view do you think there Any dangers in spending too much time on

251. breach the law states do Any failure in

252. in English in Any situation !

253. don't have Any more single rooms

254. do you still have Any questions for me

255. to take Any classes at all this summer why not

256. you have Any grammar questions we would

257. It's more commonly used than Any other future tense

258. Any freshness yes we do we have orange

259. one day at least . Okay great ! So we will see you this Saturday then . Is there Any

260. it's not you Any longer talking at them , you're talking to them .

261. we don't have Any water in the house and apparently it's gonna take about two weeks to fix the problem

262. Any coffee yes an espresso piece there

263. past work experience , if you have Any and your personal interests . For example , you

264. we use this film Any unfinished action

265. First of all , it’s a good idea to make a cue card with key points , as well as Any important

266. So let's try one . I want you to pick Any of these . All right ? Now , I'm sorry - there are

267. down Any important numbers . You need to write them down so that people can see them clearly

268. server might say did you save Any room

269. -- the Internet -- and you can blob the information off of Wikipedia or off of Any kind of web

270. Now we will learn general-purpose sentences you can use in Any call . Asking

271. English . If I've missed Any phrases feel free to share them with us in the comments below this video .

272. really good if you have Any questions

273. underneath if Any piece enters the

274. potatoes I just don't taste Any

275. the most important aspect of Any large

276. We almost got you bro that live in that body with you The Beast is comming Any minute now for you guys

277. name may not ring Any bells but you're

278. traditionally Any royal family is rich

279. he worked Any job he could find until

280. The Earl of Oxford published poetry , okay , and it wasn't Any good

281. that the most successful people in Any field always focus most

282. Any expectations and let India's zest

283. and by the end of the book , I was able to follow it almost without Any problems .

284. And it's the-- it has the most happy antioxidants of Any type

285. So let's not waste Any more time .

286. We didn't do Any of that kind of stuff because the biggest line item in a person's life is

287. more protein for a defined surface area than Any other plant-based or animal-based

288. like a mask with Any kind of feeling and

289. getting more and more difficult Any of

290. Any kind of decision you have to make

291. And like Any teacher , I made quizzes and tests .

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