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(.tv): پاسخ‌ دادن‌، جواب‌ دادن‌، از عهده‌ برامدن‌،، ضمانت‌ كردن‌، دفاع‌ كردن‌ (از)، جوابگو شدن‌، بكار امدن‌،، بكاررفتن‌، بدرد خوردن‌، مط‌ابق‌ بودن‌ (با)، جواب‌، احتیاج‌ را دادن‌ (.n): جواب‌، پاسخ‌، دفاع‌.، پاسخ‌، پاسخ‌ دادن‌.

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1. And so , it’s time to Answer the age old question:

2. I'm going to read a question , and you're going to Answer it ,

3. record your Answer on your computer or phone or just speak aloud good luck

4. To Answer this question , you need to think about time , finished time and unfinished time .

5. And as you Answer your interview questions , they're going to notice that

6. Answer my questions out loud

7. I was not looking for an exact Answer

8. but you can predict what an Answer is going to be , and your chance of getting that Answer

9. say , "No . " And that's their Answer . "Do you like to play sports ? Do you like to cook ? "

10. make sure you Answer each question . Okay ? And what's a good way to know you've Answered

11. devil's door long enough . somebody gonna Answer you .

12. [do] you have in your Answer and introduction and

13. Now the typical way to Answer that question is this .

14. But the Answer to this question has the potential to impact human behavior ,

15. nicely for the opportunity the Answer

16. could possibly go around Answer you're

17. and these are other things I could maybe possibly Answer in

18. Answer to the question and then two

19. you have to you have time to think about your Answer but most

20. I’m sure you know the Answer – you just take

21. steel fast and precisely the Answer to

22. feel we can Answer with any certainty so

23. word Answer to each question

24. One person who knows the Answer to that question

25. Neil Listen out for the Answer at the end of the programme .

26. I'll do my best to Answer there are so

27. Answer affirmatively in the short form

28. going to provide the Answer using the

29. devil's doing long enough somebody gonna Answer you

30. Answer me when I talk to you . Don't you eat every day ?

31. Probably my Answer has crossed yours .

32. I didn't have to Answer these questions anymore ?

33. Answer me when I talk to you . Don't you eat every day ?

34. Your words . Can you expand on that Answer ?

35. - The Answer is no . - You haven't heard the question .

36. Answer your phone . I've been calling you .

37. That is the question - the one I was rather hoping Sherlock would provide an Answer to .

38. It's a fake , that's the Answer , that's why they were killed .

39. Let’s look at one Answer as an example:

40. tonight in Answer

41. have read and heard you will need to combine relevant information from the two sources to Answer the question

42. So I'm going for Answer b) octopodes .

43. It's their job to be available to staff to help them deal with problems they may be having with the changes and Answer any questions , making the change as painless as possible .

44. heard you will need to combine relevant information from the two sources to Answer the question completely your

45. means you can choose any Answer for T so

46. It's better to ask if you don't understand than to Answer something completely different

47. And in this video , I'm going to teach you 3 tips in order to Answer

48. and an Answer as you're sitting at your

49. Answer actually and lots of people want

50. worry there's an Answer

51. Now , how about telling us the Answer to today's question then ?

52. is and this is part of my own Answer

53. Neil And the Answer , I'm afraid to say , is that Mars is smaller than Earth , much smaller in fact .

54. Catherine OK , you've got my full attention now , Rob , and I think it’s 2000 , but actually can I just have a quick look on my phone to check the Answer ?

55. 71m . Neil Well , listen out for the Answer at the end of the programme .

56. They did not Answer .

57. These two causes made him Answer in a very low and hesitating voice; whereupon a gentleman in a white waistcoat said he was a fool .

58. " He made no Answer , and had turned his face away from her again , and Mrs .

59. The Answer could be yes—at least when it comes to fire ants and their efforts to dig nests underground .

60. It's time for the Answer to today's quiz question .

61. "He don't want no help , he says , " he said in Answer to his wife's inquiry .

62. Well , the Answer for me is that if I were running ,

63. course the Answer to the slavery

64. Aw , well that's the right Answer .

65. - Buzz in when you know the Answer .

66. So I Answer , and I hear , Laura , it's Spike Lee .

67. world what defines our identity , the most popular Answer wasn't nationality , religion

68. I really do believe questions are the Answer .

69. And whenever the Answer has been "No" for too many days in a row ,

70. So we have a lot of these questions students often ask , so in this video I'm going to Answer them .

71. I'm going to tell you how to recognize this type of question , and how to Answer this type

72. Your cover letter and your resume are the Answer to this .

73. of the Answer another key to improving

74. because I couldn't give her a good Answer .

75. But now you’ve reminded me that we need the Answer to today’s question .

76. well Nemo all new explorers must Answer

77. Answer to everything aren't you they'll

78. Give me an Answer . Why ? Why not ?

79. And as you will see , the Answer is not what we expect .

80. And the real Answer is , I didn't make them .

81. right Answer .

82. Answer so the verb in in brackets this

83. to Answer the top 50 movie questions

84. how's it going okay how you would Answer

85. for each passage , there are a bunch of questions you have to Answer . The first tip I have for

86. this person will Answer , sometimes both of those people will Answer kind of at the same

87. where his eyes are so Answer is he

88. natural so how could you Answer this in

89. try to Answer as many questions as I can

90. and your Answer would be absolutely I'm

91. do okay now Answer my question do you

92. doesn't say they are not . So in this case , my Answer would be "not given" .

93. Answer but you must follow strategy

94. question and Answer negatively using a

95. Answer to that question and then you're

96. Answer to that question to think about

97. and technique so that you can Answer any

98. seconds to prepare your Answer so you

99. word while delivering an Answer to an

100. probably call the media and do or meeting and Answer questions uh to

101. mark , expecting someone to Answer to see if they agree with you . "Innit" , "innit" .

102. lottery . So: "If I won the lottery"-meaning if I won some money-"I . . . " So you could Answer

103. that kind of stuff and even she didn't have a great Answer

104. have 20 seconds to prepare your Answer

105. Answer or thesis whatever you want to

106. could Answer IELTS Speaking questions more easily

107. the Answer is this morning I was late

108. this morning the birds well the Answer

109. In this class , you’ll learn to Answer these and other questions about the future in clear ,

110. the past perfect form well the Answer is

111. care what your grammar is , positive questions are always the easiest Answer .

112. interviewer is not really interested in your Answer . What they are looking at is your confidence ,

113. The most interesting question to Answer is the WHY question

114. Or , someone might ask you an awkward question , which you have no idea how to Answer .

115. for greater clarity . Okay ? Also important to be able to handle the question and Answer

116. -- someone's going to ask you a question . "Oh , god . I don't know the Answer" -- because

117. person you are calling could Answer the

118. Answer it . Let's first look at some sentences for making a call . When you

119. Answer why should I care why is this

120. So , in this video I'm going to Answer

121. Answer after the break

122. hydraulic buffers were Steinman's Answer

123. And my Answer is tainted with a connotation

124. in the garage you didn't really Answer

125. The short Answer is U . K . taxpayers .

126. yes I am you just Answer the damn

127. And to be honest , for many years , my Answer would be ,

128. you okay no no Answer for me the first

129. Answer in just one or two minutes of

130. The honest Answer is ,

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