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1. to Almost one-and-a-half million people .

2. We are still producing her carpets and we have more than Almost 1 , 000 different designs .

3. Almost like you're invited to see these

4. touch with the book and this is like 20 year Almost maybe 30

5. to achieve Almost full homeownership status .

6. [SOUND] Almost , Almost .

7. Almost all of their technology does not work , their entire roof is falling apart ,

8. did Almost twice as well .

9. those pictures are Almost impossible to get .

10. Almost all of them treat it as a

11. Now , what Chris says every time I see Chris is Chris says: "You know , I Almost punched

12. The German Stock Exchange and an airport which handles Almost 60 million travelers a year .

13. Because they Almost look like bushes .

14. Moorish castle can be seen from Almost everywhere in the city most of the castle was destroyed over

15. the machine makes Almost 800 bottles a

16. extending Almost a thousand meters down

17. two although it Almost didn't happen

18. Almost impossible to compete with

19. weather and can operate in Almost any

20. up being used Almost exclusively by

21. with an Almost endless array of uses

22. This is Almost like a mathematical formula . Just imagine this plus this plus this plus this

23. is Almost unimaginable , unless you witness it .

24. Because it's easy to solve a problem that Almost everyone sees .

25. In Almost every case , you get the same result .

26. So in Almost every country in the world where we have this data ,

27. yet now Almost a quarter of the population says they have no one to talk to .

28. bubbles are Almost like us it sounds

29. Earth's left them they they Almost want

30. super tight code Almost nobody does that

31. it's really very simple it's Almost the the tricky thing that

32. I can feel a certain positive feeling a certain energy Almost

33. that was Almost as expensive as Stanford ,

34. construction Almost 170 meters of deck

35. of Germany to Berlin in 1990 Almost

36. but try to buy a house and Almost the

37. must be ready to handle Almost anything

38. speakers Almost always use contractions

39. I'm Almost saying ASAP dah dah dah dah

40. they feel very sterile Almost generic

41. game guys I'm Almost at level 15 so I'd

42. but now the left eye looks like it's Almost shut .

43. Oh ! Oh , yeah . I Almost forgot .

44. Well , Almost .

45. Man , you Almost gave me a heart attack . You can't just come sneak up on me .

46. So , he wants into his Mother's good books . Why ? Almost certainly money .

47. . . . is Almost impossible to read .

48. Made them Almost uncontrollably aggressive .

49. Did you Almost start to wonder if I was real ?

50. Almost can . You did get shot , though .

51. I might as well , I'm Almost at the bottom of the list .

52. Wrong ! We've got Almost all we need to know .

53. 300ml of it . Bottle Almost finished .

54. I mean , you missed Almost everything of importance , but , you know . . .

55. A scratch is Almost inevitable . She wouldn't . . .

56. I’m from the States , and Almost no one drives a manual there; most cars are automatic .

57. Almost I've still got to get a parking permit but I was a little shocked to see

58. Almost intuitive to use it really isn't

59. brand new Almost 17 story building on

60. mistress but we Almost always read this

61. he Almost there the new clothes value

62. And did you think of yourself , Almost as a father figure to them ?

63. range there is Almost 100 miles higher

64. it's Almost as if carbajal is attracted

65. Almost exactly is trying to go because s

66. Quick side note: Sir Alfred had told tons of different versions of his story so Almost

67. bits higher as well did it like Almost

68. 71m . Neil Well , you were Almost there .

69. This is a lesson for total beginners or Almost beginners .

70. It’s strange – Almost anywhere in the world , you’ll go to , say , a market in a small town somewhere and you’ll hear people singing songs in English .

71. This is a lesson for total beginners or Almost beginners .

72. His temper continued very uncertain; for the most part his manner was that of a man suffering under Almost unendurable provocation , and once or twice things were snapped , torn , crushed , or broken in spasmodic gusts of violence .

73. For Almost two and a half miles ,

74. They go Almost everywhere .

75. Almost anywhere in the earth this is

76. engine the Eureka they're Almost

77. number jumps to Almost two thirds

78. Almost like you're watching a cinema

79. tuned with the car this is Almost like

80. Almost home buddy cute boys can whiplash

81. it Almost happened to me back then you

82. At more than a thousand acres , Golden Gate Park stretches Almost halfway across

83. And that's pretty unusual for someone who gets this type of reception Almost everywhere he goes .

84. Almost like playing a video game .

85. it really depends on the usage Almost

86. volunteers the area is Almost as big as

87. risen to Almost 300 at the time of

88. for Almost three-and-a-half square

89. actually about Almost 10 grand more than

90. standard it's Almost 45 years old it's

91. moons does Mars have Tuesday it's Almost

92. up Almost on a daily basis to see what

93. Almost finished at this point I think

94. Almost every human being on earth

95. no problems or border controls so it’s Almost effectively in two countries at once .

96. over backwards and you're Almost hugging

97. half just like you would start Almost

98. Treat this Almost like a conversation . You know , it's good to support what you're saying ,

99. Almost like maybe they can see you naked

100. very good to have a body , and it's good to have a conclusion . It's Almost like you're

101. whatever okay but very soft you Almost

102. them merely means Almost but not quite

103. Almost always the same it's going to

104. the years well yes yes it changed because you know I used to listen to the Almost I mean it's not a slow music and

105. Almost Japanese businessman has to work very hard every day so just for holiday

106. pretty good about that like she's Almost going to make the

107. you Almost haven't memorized but don't

108. we Almost always in general especially

109. extra slowly to really take even more time in Almost two it kind

110. when everything starts to grow again after the winter you can Almost smell it

111. seem to Almost identical chances one for

112. Almost the whole way oh and is this your

113. it's more natural in Almost every situation

114. was hilarious . I fell . I Almost hit my head on the board . The whole class was like , "Are

115. span it collapsed twice and they Almost

116. Caltrans structure looks Almost complete

117. An interview is Almost like a test .

118. We Almost got you bro that live in that body with you The Beast is comming any minute now for you guys

119. accused the work timers who have Almost

120. Almost everyone has gotten their house

121. and sure enough , I didn't understand Almost anything at the beginning ,

122. It's Almost like orange , but it's not orange .

123. Nice and crispy too Wow yeah , this is good . It's like a gigantic and hashbrown Almost golden crispy on the outside this time

124. If you get those three right then the rest of it Almost doesn't even matter .

125. emotion it was Almost as if she wasn't

126. back in time actually Almost eighteen

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