معنی فارسی کلمه Age

(.n):عمر، سن‌، پیری‌، سن‌ بلوغ‌، رشد(با fo)، دوره‌،، عصر.(.iv &.tv): پیرشدن‌، پیرنماكردن‌، كهنه‌شدن‌(شراب‌).

کاربرد Age در جمله

1. Paris earned her name , The City of Light , during The Age of Enlightenment ,

2. And so , it’s time to answer the Age old question:

3. agricultural Age great Notley Garden

4. at an early Age which old cars and toys

5. Every month , 10 million young people reach working Age .

6. children under the Age of five so we

7. or maybe around , you know , your smile - and we call these Age lines wrinkles .

8. So I was really enthralled by electronics at an early Age .

9. be our first wholesaler of our Age

10. At the ripe old Age of three , Nick learned to recycle .

11. at any Age .

12. a strength but in an Age of computer

13. on jar at peak Age will probably leave

14. despite that Age difference and you know

15. Old Age should burn and rave at close of day

16. modern Age it seemed to us to be a sort

17. Delligatti died in 2016 at the Age of 98 .

18. Neil No , I'm actually Generation X , the Age group before millennials .

19. name his name is John Age she is 45

20. whoops I'm giving away my Age but anyway

21. Old Age should burn and rave at close of day

22. He's , like , our Age .

23. an Age of course but a natural spoken

24. adults and one child keep in mind that the Age range for children's tickets

25. "Miss" is generally used for someone who's about 18 years of Age or younger .

26. Chen said that the effect generally is worse for those over 64 years of Age , for men and for those with little or no education .

27. There were . . . Even at that Age ? Yeah , yeah . Oh , yeah , my dad was . . .

28. This means the unfair or unequal treatment of people because of , for example , their race , religion , colour , Age or indeed height .

29. particular hardware is showing its Age

30. who was tall for his Age , and hadn’t been used to that sort of thing (for his father had kept a small cook-shop) , hinted darkly to his companions .

31. they would have possessed the inestimable merit of being the most concise and faithful specimen of biography , extant in the literature of any Age or country .

32. Seemed an Age .

33. That these changes are not limited by Age ,

34. to mean the Age where you have children

35. That's the averAge Age .

36. his generation grew up they came of Age

37. It was the mid-1970s , and I was your Age .

38. all the way into old Age

39. to be under the Age of 18 by 2025

40. think will Age extremely well so if you

41. Mr . Topper's name first . If they're both about the same Age , it doesn't matter . Okay ?

42. Your Age .

43. to see more about how I actually teach her from a very early Age

44. so this is a great way to describe you know an Age

45. boy and one girl I don't remember exactly they Age but probably they are

46. most common and bank collecting food in the supermarkets did we do that a lot and do all Age

47. yeah if you shouldn't train at the young Age it will be like a habit for you when

48. Rose of Age

49. rough for someone my Age . On Sunday morning I woke up and very late ,

50. the Jazz Age perhaps no building

51. selling matches at the Age of five when

52. because at the Age of 11 years old she's

53. Roland born in hue Nia and at the Age of

54. Up to the Age of 21 , he thought he didn't have the languAge gene

55. It's actually based , not on your Age , but how much money you have saved up versus how

56. For the most widely performed surgery on men over the Age of 50 ,

57. modern Age with its promise of speed

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