معنی فارسی کلمه adults


کاربرد adults در جمله

1. build friendships , grow to be kind , compassionate , happy adults .

2. kids and adults who visit the plant

3. for children and adults alike to come have a great day ,

4. five tickets to Times Square please okay will that be five adults uh how young do

5. on young adults others believe that friends are the most important influence which do you agree with explain why

6. adults , however , favor frightening characters , like witches and vampires .

7. This term refers to people who are young adults now , people who were born in the 1980s and 1990s .

8. adults don't write their names inside their shoes , so these belong to a kid .

9. And another 50 percent of those same young adults

10. well it's like we three adults in the

11. But "Dr . " is generally reserved for medical doctors and you will hear adults address other

12. and what it's like with three adults in

13. of long-term disability in adults in the world;

14. But birds are like us , young animals have to hear adults in order to develop normal sounds .

15. think about hobbies for adults how does it benefit an adult to have a hobby it

16. what sort of gifts to children give to adults and that on this why is this some

17. English conversation that I create for adults is very simple

18. adults and their families well gifts to this history

19. obviously their grandparents will treasure it for adults I think it's a

20. adults in families is easy to find gifts for children because you can buy toys