معنی فارسی کلمه Add

افزودن‌، اضافه‌ كردن‌، زیاد كردن‌، جمع‌ كردن‌، جمع‌ زدن‌،، باهم‌ پیوستن‌، باخود تركیب‌ كردن‌ (مواد شیمیایی‌).، افزودن‌، اضافه‌ كردن‌.

کاربرد Add در جمله

1. I decided to not Add real popcorn to the

2. and the regular verbs we simply Add the

3. detract from would Add to the landscape

4. same as the simple past . So you just need to Add -ed . "watch" in the present tense

5. " They Add that eating fish may even boost a person’s brain health .

6. ho - ho - to test it on Anthony to Add

7. that I came here so Add those three cars

8. After similar results at other stores , McDonald’s decided to Add the Big Mac to all its restaurants in 1968 .

9. makes referees Add on a little bit more

10. probably know not only does it Add a

11. had to Add a keyboard case and power

12. to Add deals page to see how much money

13. verb to watch and you Add ing and get

14. Add vice vice advice repeat can you give

15. verb I need to Add don't they don't like

16. subject and the verb and Add not so we

17. They may also Add donuts filled with jam to the breakfast table .

18. we Add an S or an es so there's two

19. And then to each one of those we are going to Add some hot water .

20. mixture . Melt the butter Add the flour and the baking powder in

21. begin with you might not want to Add it

22. ahead and Add the egg yolks which will

23. go ahead and Add your sugar a little bit

24. also like to Add some lemon sauce will

25. cheesecake cookies Add the egg yolks you

26. clean bowl I'm gonna Add in all of my

27. know different toppings so Add whatever

28. you're going to Add your pumpkin cut

29. the Add of the touch of his own if you

30. from director John Singleton this doesn't Add up he's already got the money wasn't no

31. Genuine surprise . It doesn't Add up , Emma .

32. from director John Singleton . this doesn't Add up . he's already got the money . That wasn't no

33. - You didn't even change your clothes . - Then it's time to Add a splash of colour .

34. batter and we're going to Add sprinkles

35. supposed to Add up accurately , and you look at it and you think: "This doesn't look right . "

36. and helping combine all those things to help Add a little bit

37. So . . . And whether or not we need to Add an "s" to the end of the noun if there's more than one .

38. your father-there is - there's: "auntie" , so you just Add "ie" at the end . "Auntie" .

39. "In case I get hungry , "-so it's the exact same words , we just Add a comma-"I brought

40. There are a lot of online thesauruses that can help you Add variety to your word choice .

41. than you you can also Add phrases like

42. I will teach you when to Add

43. It’s very easy: you just take a subject and you Add a verb .

44. So , what we can do is we can actually Add an "a" here .

45. an ingredient to Add to our recipe to

46. bottlers to Add coke second main

47. going to Add dark chocolate to it or

48. Add your eggs one at a time careful to

49. properties of the wood we Add an

50. mode it'll Add weight to the steering

51. thousand dollars Add about five grand if

52. If we're talking about more than one husband , we can just Add an "s" and say: "husbands" .

53. significant thing you can do to Add more

54. with the t8 you Add an electric motor

55. when I Add just I am giving more emotion

56. on some plastic wrap and then Add some gel food colouring and you want to knead

57. user that actually does Add downforce

58. ahead and Add other ingredients those

59. heavier-than-air flight I might also Add

60. most of the ing forms simply just Add

61. Add to performance in any kind of way

62. So if we can take these ideas and Add a little bit of seed money ,

63. but once we Add the spaces , individual words appear

64. Each time he'd Add a document ,

65. team new friends Add the reality

66. Thermostat designers decided to Add a new step .

67. kind of floating to the top and going to one side so I'm going to Add a piece of

68. but they Add the word nut and this is a

69. You know , "What's your favorite food ? " "Oh , I love Indian cuisine . " How can I Add to this ?

70. Now another thing we can do is we can Add adverbs and adjectives

71. exciting we like to Add this Add any

72. and I Add more each month .

73. great and then you can Add up the

74. gonna Add a little more weight to the

75. want to try to Add to their word counts

76. Okay ? So , can you think of a few words to Add using "would" ? "Every year we _______

77. Next , Add some more details about what you’re planning to do !

78. regular verbs is to Add edy to the base

79. verbs we simply Add the letters I ng to

80. Maybe if I Add even more , now they're very thick .

81. didn’t Add any irrelevant information or go off topic .

82. It's not common in English to Add your job title , your profession . Just your name is fine .

83. I Add this ing and that sentence becomes

84. If your topic is more complex , you might Add more detail to break your idea into stages .

85. and we Add 'not' ,

86. would you like to Add a set of tropical

87. You now have the ability to Add more certainty to your plans

88. So , to Add on to our example ,

89. Now let's Add this to some of the examples in the

90. mile-per-hour wind Add some water and