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1. Really really good Actually first a little bit of green food definitely a good luck , so I'm gonna have my piece

2. Art , Actually , why don't you come up on stage for the finale ?

3. Because it's not Actually possible for the victim to have done it , Sherlock .

4. Actually , no , he was angry .

5. Actually going to be adding a splash of

6. - Invented him ? - Invented all the crimes , Actually .

7. Yeah , listen , I'm not Actually that angry , okay ?

8. No takers . Right . Am I invisible ? Can you Actually see me ?

9. Better get going , Actually . There's a train that leaves in half an hour , so if you want . . .

10. Actually , let's skip the coffee .

11. Do people Actually read your blog ?

12. You don't Actually think I was interested in you ?

13. . . . if anyone out there still cares , I'm not Actually gay .

14. Pam , could you tell us what work burnout Actually is ?

15. Actually sounds like wha

16. that's what will Actually help you use

17. my English test yesterday they Actually

18. Actually think that should of is formed

19. country if you want to Actually use

20. Neil No , I'm Actually Generation X , the age group before millennials .

21. 700 times seems like you'd be laughing all the time… But you've worried , me Neil – I know we sometimes say , I nearly died laughing – but nobody does Actually die laughing , do they ?

22. not a great artist but they're Actually

23. sprinkles because these Actually stand

24. interesting Actually you know what a lot

25. Actually like to sift mine twice just to

26. and a half minutes so I want to Actually

27. can Actually slide down when you take it

28. won't Actually read a book tonight but

29. Actually it's a reflex we weren't active

30. ship is Actually fire did something

31. so Actually in Taipei 101 we have

32. nature has given us we can Actually

33. mistakes it means you're Actually using the language or , you know , you're Actually . . .

34. But "all talk" - Chris always says he's going to punch his boss , but he never Actually does .

35. I usually do that when I write reports , and I find it very helpful Actually , just to get

36. It's Actually with Spike .

37. looked it's nice to see people Actually

38. Star Wars film I watched was Actually

39. where whereby Actually it should be models that do it from anything that

40. practice lesson you can see I am topless and i am Actually

41. San Francisco looks and feels like a big city , but it's Actually quite small

42. But you Actually get to win something .

43. by a friend of mine who has given her permission for us to use her poem , and it's Actually

44. The ultimate goal of this project is someone can Actually take it home with them ,

45. March they Actually call because he

46. happens without me having to Actually

47. and Actually when an amateur's playing

48. I think people think that it's 'octopi' , but it's Actually , there's a technical term for it , which is the correct term and that's 'octopodes' .

49. the back Actually down the sides which

50. a nickname Actually for the model it's

51. with Actually a form of thrust

52. you Actually feel that she cares you

53. Actually did some porpoising which is

54. pizza Museum was just open we Actually

55. a car wat code at UK you can Actually

56. Now , this is also important . This is Actually , maybe , a very key point . One of the difficulties

57. only if you Actually see this fact written . If you know the fact is true , but it's not

58. carriages the tunnel was never Actually

59. that you Actually get a huge win on investing this kind of money .

60. But have you Actually thought of why ?

61. she can Actually enjoy that experience .

62. I didn't Actually get to play .

63. Actually , no .

64. Or you could Actually meet my need .

65. So your brain Actually functions by transferring chemicals signals

66. So that you Actually can move from school to work .

67. of students Actually consider this the hardest part of the speaking component because it's

68. Another important thing is be friendly . Okay . You want to smile . Body language is Actually

69. listening; you're Actually using other skills like writing and reading . Now , with writing ,

70. for specific detail . A lot of students , what they do for the IELTS is they will Actually

71. It's going to be very important for you to practice this before you Actually go [into] the ielts

72. talk about your hair; stick to education . I think this is Actually the most important

73. brought to tunnel perfection Actually HP

74. is orange the white is Actually we're

75. that's Actually the most closely guarded

76. Neil That’s Actually quite simple .

77. cheap lager however it can Actually

78. touch to taste the concert Actually we

79. it Actually started off as Central

80. ticket from the ticket machine Actually

81. the lead provides uh Actually in charge

82. thousands of visitors are Actually out

83. out was that it was Actually built with

84. Actually with the whales so if you guys

85. The building is Actually leased for free from Central Park and the City

86. coolers it's Actually a favorite among

87. Actually like dive in .

88. Actually having to go there it's a

89. And if we're talking about more than one wife , we Actually have to change the spelling from

90. If I get through this speech , it'll be the first time I Actually finish something at

91. well I Actually achieved

92. To be honest "I'm good" it's what we Actually use most of time , alright ?

93. Actually use it in your own speaking

94. Actually don't like what a great big

95. the lesson Actually I want to talk about

96. this is something near and dear to my heart this is Actually a

97. ready let's dive right into this lesson well this is Actually

98. different as I mentioned just a second ago Actually quite a bit

99. If you Actually break up the "I'd" , because "I'd" is a contraction , it stands for: "I

100. tunnel immersion is Actually abduct

101. Actually for "just in case" , you can use "will" , you can use the past tense , or you can use

102. Actually I'm studying in college English okay and

103. Actually for "just in case" , you can use "will" , you can use the past tense , or you can use

104. lot of trams which are Actually funicular railways to take you up to the

105. "fings" . And you will often hear Cockney speech written down like this . It would Actually

106. and he Actually came across a large

107. be a faster lesson Actually this lesson in

108. this is but a book i was just reading Actually spent a lot of

109. is Arya may so a riaa and that was Actually

110. Actually when a guitar is gluing

111. >> Her brothers Actually had just taught her .

112. Some of their students Actually

113. that no one could ever Actually use it . The majority of the useful appliances

114. in such a way that people can Actually

115. to Actually narrow this point small

116. Actually picked up my pace as I finished

117. sure that will Actually happen .

118. no well temperature in are Actually in

119. pollination so we Actually have to bring

120. Can it Actually read our thoughts ?

121. You can't help but Actually ripping that spider web apart .

122. that less might Actually equal more .

123. can Actually be a powerful tool for dismantling bias

124. Well , the obvious question: Is this Actually true ?

125. to the way that we Actually behave .

126. and not Actually doing it .

127. an instinct like that might Actually have consequences ,

128. the series and this is a episode 8 I believe Actually I've been

129. That's Actually not true , but imagine if I was in a pie-eating contest and I won the

130. background to look at and near my home Actually here in Japan

131. plasma is Actually common throughout the

132. People assume that I've got so many brands , but I Actually haven't .

133. get all excited you know some days I Actually think you know

134. continue the show you guys are Actually getting these views a

135. And then there's another conditional which is in the past , so it's Actually too late

136. right . . . because , first of all I always keep it . . . I don't keep the phone Actually , I don't touch my phone the first hour .

137. Now , when I Actually say this , I don't say: "ov" .

138. Now , when I Actually say this , I don't say: "ov" .

139. cleaning the bathroom and Actually getting in there and

140. you may be interested to know I Actually made a pretty predictable income ,

141. and that's Actually happening to this

142. she and how about Actually give me a

143. in the countryside on a farm in a it's not Actually a village it's just a farm

144. poems and that Actually just I like to

145. Many are Actually long dead . . .

146. Actually it sang to me it was of fish for big fish and lots of little ones all

147. involve Actually best seats in the

148. where the testing I Actually got this

149. Actually , do you know what ? Ignore me .

150. Actually , I've just locked my keys in my flat .

151. Yes , that's not Actually mine . He lent that to me .

152. - Actually , I've got a date . - What ?

153. - Home Office ? - Well , Home Secretary , Actually .

154. yeah and I disagree I don't think it will Actually help students really why not well they talked about leadership

155. painted in this striking shade of red and of course none of it Actually

156. it's Actually showing lanes and you can

157. Actually , 'water' is an interesting word because it sounds

158. of us or met many of us Actually find it

159. She Actually drops the T which isn't that common in general

160. Actually as part of the monthly sere

161. . . . but no one's Actually saying anything .

162. maybe they can see I don't know Actually

163. Actually going to San Francisco but our

164. Actually experiencing them areas where

165. We Actually ran four studies with a variety of people .

166. Rather tellingly , the lighthouse has Actually been automated meaning no lighthouse keepers

167. Soon after Alfred’s dad died his mom revealed she was not Actually Alfred’s mom and that

168. a course on that but they Actually do have a course on how to make regular jams , traffic

169. I didn't know , Actually .

170. Actually buy anyway click on the pop-out

171. Actually there's three that's 450

172. touchpad which Actually vibrates

173. was Actually

174. Another thing you can do is to Actually target somebody in your office – somebody you would like to know better .

175. Well , Actually , first let's do something .

176. “Everyone is Actually affected .

177. and Actually asks him why he's there and

178. Actually like the sparse cabin and

179. wonderful , you have no idea what a relief that is because I Actually really

180. and his wife's Actually an orphan .

181. and I was glad that I Actually got to speak to him

182. - We Actually got flash cards for her in April .

183. spiral diner is Actually a vegetarian

184. Actually check that out on my youtube

185. say like that could Actually helpful or

186. side of the cake Actually mixed mine

187. "What if the diver could Actually clean the windshield from the inside

188. as "teacher , " it's Actually a signal that you're not a native speaker and you're not

189. Ravi: Well , Actually , they now think that the most popular pets in Britain are .

190. luxury sedan the company Actually sells

191. Catherine OK , you've got my full attention now , Rob , and I think it’s 2000 , but Actually can I just have a quick look on my phone to check the answer ?

192. This means they say they are taller than they Actually are .

193. But might freeloaders Actually be necessary for society to function efficiently ?

194. [Emmanuelle C . Leroy et al , Long‐Term and Seasonal Changes of Large Whale Call Frequency in the Southern Indian Ocean] Leroy and her team noticed one other short-term trend: that southern blue whales' songs Actually get higher in pitch during the Austral summer .

195. Also for younger dolphins they Actually learn these sounds from hearing other dolphins .

196. Actually an individual known as Derrick

197. you Actually get less now let me explain

198. must have a new suit Actually it's Jack

199. chestnut cream over the top . We Actually didn't see the dessert in Italy at all

200. But , my dears , it's not something that I can Actually teach you .

201. Actually be able to pull this off we're

202. Actually did it my feet are sweating

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کلمات مرتبط با Actually:

2. in reality
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11. basically
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12. certainly
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17. genuinely
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18. definitely
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24. precisely
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26. essentially
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27. ultimately
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30. truthfully
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31. realistically
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34. admittedly
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36. literally
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37. technically
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38. terribly
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41. incidentally
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43. tangibly
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45. eventually
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46. moreover
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48. correctly
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49. originally
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54. fundamentally
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55. specifically
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56. substantially
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60. meaningfully
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62. properly
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63. seriously
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64. surprisingly
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66. elsewhere
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67. practically
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68. absolutely
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70. concretely
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71. substantively
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72. effectively
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73. sincerely
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75. factually
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76. materially
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77. physically
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78. strictly
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79. downright
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81. actively
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82. extremely
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83. presently
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85. currently
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86. earnestly
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89. unexpectedly
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90. efficiently
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91. effective
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92. virtually
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95. probably
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98. obviously
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100. because
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