معنی فارسی کلمه Accepted

پذیرفته‌، مقبول‌.

کاربرد Accepted در جمله

1. to pay with cash cash is always Accepted

2. Believe it or not , that’s a valid and Accepted argument under international law in border

3. Accepted as the capital of the EU

4. this is by no means a widely Accepted

5. And so after what felt like an eternity , I Accepted what I had to do

6. but it is also Accepted that the king

7. Accepted starting route guidance Thank

8. Accepted it now accepting it there is a

9. This approach subverts the historically Accepted narrative of African inferiority ,

10. Fearenside , and either Accepted the piebald view or some modification of it; as , for instance , Silas Durgan , who was heard to assert that "if he choses to show enself at fairs he'd make his fortune in no time , " and being a bit of a theologian , compared the stranger to the man with the one talent .

11. I was just Accepted into the student Honor Society because I got good grades

12. have said yes I would have Accepted okay