معنی فارسی کلمه Able

(.iv ,.tv): توانابودن‌، شایستگی‌ داشتن‌، لایق‌ بودن‌،، مناسب‌ بودن‌، اماده‌ بودن‌، ارایش‌ دادن‌، لباس‌ پوشاندن‌،، قوی‌ كردن‌، (.jda): توانا، لایق‌، اماده‌، بااستعداد،، صلاحیت‌ دار، قابل‌، مط‌یع‌، مناسب‌، (حق.) دارای‌ صلاحیت‌، قانونی‌، پسوندی‌ برای‌ ساختن‌ صفت‌ به‌معنی‌(دارای‌ قدرت‌)،، شایسته‌.

کاربرد Able در جمله

1. i work from home I want to be Able to get my wife a little bit

2. so that way when you're watching this one you will be Able to

3. so we actually be Able to pick the

4. anything like that we should be Able to do lots of things that

5. of ambiance but i like it especially being Able to sit

6. people so the whole point to be Able to speak fluently and

7. Toyota was Able to eliminate much of the waste in Ford's system ,

8. to be Able to get the information; it's not all availAble free . Okay , so that's all the

9. At its worst , the congestion lasted for 60 continuous miles and drivers were only Able

10. Able to fly that's crazy

11. with a certain accent , there is a tendency to try to speak like them just to be Able

12. to be Able to put my apps on the App Store .

13. speaker will be Able to understand you

14. to be Able to see the pocket underneath

15. and is Able to reach inside without

16. and the best part of it is is being Able to cook

17. life is be Able to express yourself and

18. all-wheel drive as over will be Able to

19. going to be Able to get it out or has that molding gel seeped into the fabric

20. It's very important that at this point , to be Able to know who -- to recognize each person's

21. use the present test for the whole test or are you Able to correctly use the present

22. I am Able to recast people of color in roles of prominence ,

23. robots might be Able to help us come to a new understanding of ourselves .

24. you may be Able to make drugs in a new way .

25. that you might be Able to use in the future --

26. entrepreneurs will be Able to close their businesses in an online procedure

27. concrete was Able to be pumped over a

28. degree to which a structure is Able to

29. developed a structure that was Able to

30. tenfold what we used to be Able to do

31. Able to recreate my recipes and let's

32. the car should be Able to sense that and

33. many rolls we're going to be Able to fit

34. you will be Able to walk through and follow

35. I'm Able to dump out the little pills

36. his plans another thing would be Able to

37. else flows from and if you have a great minds that are you Able

38. downstairs , and not being Able to do anything about it . So , this is something that happened

39. corners we will never be Able to come

40. Able to direct it with my finger

41. spotting deers , chinchillas and spectacled bears thanks to the lower foot traffic . You’ll also be Able to take in stunning views of the Andes

42. Be Able to separate yourself outside of the metaphor of the matrix so that you could have clarity of purpose .

43. being Able to help the ones that are closest to me

44. wouldn't have met lots of do lots of things that you wouldn't have been Able

45. hello comes you and Alice are Able to

46. that they won't be Able to find a job .

47. Today I'd like to talk about how I was Able to feel so comfortAble

48. Well , you won't be Able to see her again .

49. Always been Able to trust my senses , the evidence of my own eyes , until last night .

50. . . . if you'd be Able to lend me some . . .

51. I want to be Able to hold it up and say , my daddy tames the dinosaurs .

52. This is one of twelve . We're never gonna be Able to speak their words .

53. In 20 years , this lot won't be Able to straighten their necks .

54. Who's gonna do business with us ? Nobody'll be Able to look us in the eye .

55. I've always been Able to keep myself distant .

56. . . . you wouldn't be Able to sell them .

57. supposed to be Able to make

58. Sun and again you being Able to look at

59. architecture to be Able to have that

60. that I'll be Able to retake the class for free well it seems to me like work

61. memorize a list of words or something that you won't be Able

62. If you like that TV show , that's a really important thing to be Able to pronounce .

63. to be Able to get the large semi-trucks

64. platformer architecture and they're Able

65. survey which you will be Able to enjoy

66. cream sugar egg yolk rum and of course chestnut puree . I wouldn't have been Able

67. lengths were Able to be cast in a common

68. I'd like to have the arts be Able to

69. must be Able to make free use of

70. who had been Able to steer an organisation to perform

71. “If you are Able to identify inflammation in the arteries of the heart , then you can say which arteries .

72. They have the ability to solve some complex problems and in one famous case one was even Able to predict the result of World Cup football matches .

73. car you should be Able to do this in a

74. And of course , you wouldn't be Able to cherish it for very long .

75. won't be Able to push things through

76. messy offside offside Able to touch the

77. What do you have to do to be Able to say those words that quickly ?

78. Rob Mind you , if her handwriting was really terrible , maybe nobody would be Able to read her bad maths !

79. But that’s just it , once the intelligence becomes sentient , or Able to think for itself , who knows what it will do .

80. Catherine True , Neil , but you have to have the right clothing in the first place and if the weather is terrible you might not be Able to get good pictures for your Instagram account .

81. Everybody knows the story of another experimental philosopher who had a great theory about a horse being Able to live without eating , and who demonstrated it so well .

82. on you'll be Able to see that it's got

83. I want to be Able to just push a button

84. In other words , you weren't Able to express your personal brand .

85. that out to be Able to see all of the

86. the summer , they too get swelteringly hot so Frederic wanted to make a way to be Able

87. This is one of twelve . We're never gonna be Able to speak their words .

88. been Able to test and evaluate things

89. weren't Able to use like aluminum carbon

90. That way they’ll be Able to give their points of view .

91. wouldn't be Able to actually feel the

92. future are going to be Able to help

93. Able to use correct direction giving

94. They found that listeners are really great at detecting new sounds but far less Able to detect when a sound disappears .

95. want somebody who's a strong communicator , somebody who's Able to deal with people in

96. But today , with practice , I’m Able to pick up an object

97. to be Able to pay for school , or put better food on the tAble .

98. Soon , you'll be Able to look inside your brain and program ,

99. should be Able to get that in the real

100. Able to have another good look around is

101. Able to experience firsthand the

102. of a convenience that you're Able to go

103. and Shutterfly loves that you've been Able to help your family ,

104. I want to be Able to hold it up and say , my daddy tames the dinosaurs .

105. actually be Able to pull this off we're

106. get so Tim your dad and I haven't Able

107. train and was Able your phone no

108. Language but you’ll be Able to get by just fine with English .

109. and the content that we're freely Able to share on it

110. to be Able to interpret what Christy is looking at in real time ?

111. Well , in the short-term , your brain was Able to increase

112. Equipped with advanced technologies , the new trains were Able to

113. you wouldn't be Able to tune it , it would be impossible .

114. that are Able to move and flex

115. well so being Able to have a model

116. Able to to see someone making bonbon

117. powerwall musk was Able to offer a

118. cars permitted buildings are Able to be

119. our customers so as to be Able to

120. nine months someday we'll be Able to do

121. be Able to hold a social media account

122. "The professor was very happy and , you know , I was Able to manage . "

123. We ought to be Able to afford it .

124. being Able to reap the fruits of its

125. I mean it Oxford been Able to get a play put on he had a broken leg to do it

126. and by the end of the book , I was Able to follow it almost without any problems .

127. the span and he's Able to see the

128. be Able to look out even though you

129. Able to do something that's rarely done

130. we all know that insects like to eat plants but some plants have been Able to

131. philosophy behind this question is to know , would you be Able to cope up with a change ?

132. you're then going to describe one major accomplishment that you were Able to achieve in that role .

133. that and still start Business School in the fall but I don't think I'll be Able

134. for greater clarity . Okay ? Also important to be Able to handle the question and answer

135. you okay ? " I thought it was funny . Who got extra marks ? Me . Because I was Able to laugh

136. products on the top and you'll be Able

137. when I was coming to Japan like one of the things i was Able to

138. there are certain ways of becoming wealthy or being Able

139. and looking at all these stores but they're not Able to find it

140. So , let's look at the first one . So , another way of saying it is: "I used to be Able to

141. i'm happy to say but one of the reasons that again i was Able to

142. you'll be Able to insert you know your

143. are made from glass are Able to be

144. higher but when I was Able to turn it

145. might be Able to do something for skin

146. other end not being Able to get a shot

147. I say something like that , were you Able to write down all those numbers ? " All right ?

148. Able to ask for a discount but we do not

149. simple things . So , this is one of those simple , but important things , but you need to be Able

150. bit of a short answer . Ideally , you want to be Able to talk for two minutes . Okay ? And

151. quartet so far haven't really been Able

152. you see is that I was Able to come up

153. Able to read this carefully in 45

154. trust yourself if you're Able to listen

155. I think it's called five-a-side in this country there are sometimes six or seven of us and I haven't been Able to to keep

156. taken to knoefel and you'll be Able to